5th Square Endorses Terry Tracy, Andrew Stober for Council At-Large

Philadelphia’s urbanist PAC endorses Republican Terry Tracy and Independent Andrew Stober for at-large City Council in the November 3rd general election. Continue reading

Introducing David Curtis as Our Interim Chair

  5th Square co-founder David Curtis has begun serving as Interim Chair.   Continue reading

5th Square, Committee of Seventy, Philadelphia 3.0, and Philly Set Go submit records request for information about City Commissioner Clark

  Four civic leadership organizations committed to fair elections and good governance filed requests for information about City Commissioner Anthony Clark on Tuesday. Continue reading

Leadership Changes at The 5th Square

Philadelphia - Please join me in welcoming David Curtis as the new Interim Chair of The 5th Square. As one of the four original co-founders of our PAC, David has shown an unfailingly positive attitude and leadership style we've certainly appreciated as an organization. He is formerly the organization's Treasurer, a role fellow co-founder Jake Liefer, will now take on. Both David and Jake bring passion, vision, persistence and drive to The 5th Square. I look forward to watching them lead our PAC into the future. Continue reading

Candidate Questionnaire: Andrew Stober, City Council At Large

Earlier this year we posted candidate questionnaire responses in advance of our 5th Square endorsements and the May 19th Primary. Our candidate questionnaire was a way for voters to put City Council and Mayoral candidates on the record regarding issues we are advocating for. Educating voters on urban issues is one of our goals as a PAC. Continue reading

Good News: Councilwoman Cindy Bass Leveraging Vehicle Registration Fees to Fund Vision Zero Legislation

Vision Zero, the international movement to reduce and eliminate vehicle-related deaths and injuries, is finally coming to Philadelphia. Councilwoman City Bass of the 8th District representing Northwest Philadelphia will be introducing legislation to not only acknowledge growing consensus on the problem of traffic violence, that this past weekend claimed the lives of two young people on North Broad Street, but to properly fund the effort to build better infrastructure to help prevent these tragedies. Vision Zero is one of The 5th Square's items in our 12 point platform. We are delighted to hear this news. Continue reading

Schuylkill Seeing Green: How Park Space Supports Development, Our Schools & Our Health

One Riverside could be the easily name of a new luxury condominium tower on the western edge of Manhattan. Coincidentally it is. Just add a “Park” to the end of the name and you’ll find new developments like this popping up along more established park space like Riverside Park in Manhattan or the High Line further down the western end of the island. Hudson Yards is the capstone of billions of dollars in investment along once disused elevated rail line; The High Line that former mayor Rudy Giuliani once sought to tear down. Continue reading

Transit: 30th Street Station District Should Be an Integral Part of the City

The 30th Street Station District Plan Partners will hold an open house at 30th Street Station this evening from 4:00 to 7:00 where they will present concept diagrams for capping the rail yards between the Station, Drexel University, and the Schuylkill River.  Needless to say, this is an enormous opportunity to create a new walkable urban neighborhood in immediate proximity to Philadelphia’s biggest transportation hub.  The diagrams show, as best as a top-down view can, variations of gridded urban streetscapes with tall buildings. Continue reading

The Political Importance of Andrew Stober's Entry Into The Council-At-Large Race

Last week PlanPhilly broke news that Andrew Stober, former Chief of Staff at MOTU (Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities), will be running as an Independent for Council At-Large in this year's November 3 general municipal election. This presents a unique opportunity for Stober and supporters of The 5th Square. Continue reading

Dump Bill Greenlee

If you want to maximize your livable streets vote this Tuesday, the best thing you can do is leave At-Large City Councilman Bill Greenlee off your ballot. Continue reading