Petition: Tell Councilman Johnson to Support Green Space Over Parking Spaces at Guerin Rec Center

A plan for new community green space at the Guerin Recreation Center at 16th and Jackson is stuck in park thanks to some parking complainers, and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson needs to hear from you to move things forward.

Can you take one minute to sign our petition below, and then call Councilman Johnson's office at (215) 686-3412 and ask him to support the green space project at Guerin Recreation Center?


In June of 2012, the Philadelphia Water Department came to the Guerin Recreation Center proposing to use Green City, Clean Waters funding to turn part of the lightly-used parking lot in back of the Rec Center into a community green space. Since then, Newbold Civic Association has held two well-attended public meetings where neighbors showed overwhelming support for this project, and in April of 2015, the Association applied for a grant from the Community Design Collaborative to design the anticipated green space.

But shortly after the application was submitted, the Parks and Recreation Department informed the Association that the project would have to be cut back or even scrapped completely due to (you guessed it!) a few people complaining about the loss of parking--even though the version supported by the community would retain 24 spaces. Amazingly, the parking complainers are even claiming that the site is contaminated and can't be used for green space, even though no one has done any testing.

Newbold Civic Association members have been asking for a public meeting with the Parks Department, Water Department, and community members to find out why this decision was made without regard to community input, but to no avail. And when community members approached Councilman Johnson's office for help, his staff said they'd only gotten calls from people concerned about the parking, not the green space.

You know what that means: Can you take one minute to sign our petition and then call Councilman Johnson's office at (215) 686-3412 and ask him to support the green space project at Guerin Recreation Center?

If Councilman Johnson is going to step up and lead to get this project moving, he first needs to know that neighborhood voters support the plan. He's heard from the parking complainers, and now he needs to hear from many more park supporters. 

If you think South Philadelphia needs more green space, please sign the petition and then call Councilman Johnson's office at (215) 686-3412 right now and ask him to stand up for the green space project at Guerin Recreation Center. 

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    No need for a parking lot. It’s a community center. You walk to a community center. But, we sure do need green space!
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    Great idea!
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    I think it’s a great idea.
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    I have no idea why parks and recreation land should be devoted to parking – it just makes no sense at all. Let’s make it a PARK, with grass and trees, like it ought to be, and get the cars out of there so kids can play safely!
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    Most of the people in this neighborhood want and need more green space. Please note that the few that are against the green space do not live in the neighborhood. The staff members that are against the project can always transfer.
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    Please bring some green to this area! We desperately need it! Thank you!
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    I agree that the parking lot is not only under-utilized, but also an eyesore. A green space would facilitate additional opportunities for neighbors (within walking distance) to gather and get to know one another, which seems like the purpose of a rec center. Splitting this into a parking lot and a green space seems like a fair compromise.
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    I rarely see cars in this lot, so I think a mixed-use solution (half green space, half parking) is a more than fair compromise for all residents.
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    I was involved in the last project to fix up the playground area about 8 years ago. Unfortunately, however, the energy had stallled. I have two children who NEED more green space in our neighborhood. Choosing parking over children and families playing is despicable. We could all do with fewer cars and more fresh air.
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