Petition: Thank Jim Kenney for Supporting the Vision Zero Plan for Safer Philly Streets

This is huge: Jim Kenney just became the first Mayoral candidate to endorse a Vision Zero approach to street safety.

The Kenney campaign rolled out a new website this week with several new official policy positions, and Vision Zero made it into the first round. Kenney has promised to organize a Vision Zero Task Force of stakeholders who will create an action plan to make our streets safer for all types of users.

Read the campaign's statement, and then sign our petition thanking Kenney for his support for Vision Zero:

Philadelphia's walkability and bikeability is an incredible asset which contributes to a high-quality of life and makes our city a highly desirable place to live and work. As Mayor, Jim will adopt a Vision Zero goal for the City of Philadelphia, which accepts that no traffic fatality is inevitable - whether pedestrian, bicyclist or driver.

As Mayor, Jim will take a multi-faceted approach to implementing Vision Zero. This includes continuing and expanding on the work of the Nutter administration by increasing the number and safeness of bike lanes throughout our City. Jim will form a Vision Zero taskforce made up of stakeholders from local and state transportation agencies, public safety agencies, advocacy groups, local businesses and community members. This taskforce will be asked to create a "Vision Zero Action Plan" for Philadelphia so that we can ensure that no more lives are lost needlessly to a preventable traffic accident.

Jim Kenney gets it. He has been a champion of pedestrian safety on City Council for years, and he believes that Philadelphia's streets are public spaces that must be made safe for all people. He's gotten our back, and now it's time for us to get his. 

Please sign and share our petition today to thank Jim Kenney for supporting Vision Zero and getting tough on dangerous street designs.

He took a risk for us by putting this on his agenda, and now it's up to us to prove to everyone that safe streets are a political winner in addition to being good policy. The more signatures we get, the more City Council candidates will see that they can also benefit politically by taking a hard pro-safety line.

This is a crucial moment in the 2015 campaign to elevate an issue we care about. Please take just a few moments to sign the petition, share it on social media, and then forward it to three friends.

Thank you for your help, and for everything you do for Philadelphia. 

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    Thanks for pledging to make Philadelphia safer for all walkers, bikers, transit riders and drivers.
  • signed 2015-02-27 14:07:27 -0500
    Thank you for taking the first step in helping Philadelphia realize this is a very important issue to better improve the safety and quality of life for all those who live, work and visit Philadelphia.
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    Thank you, Jim! This will be great for our City!
  • signed 2015-02-25 22:47:31 -0500
    Implementing Vision Zero will not be easy. It will almost certainly involve rolling out road diets and traffic calming on a far vaster scale than what we’re currently seeing.
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    Thank you for supporting Vision Zero! This is such an important policy to pursue as we support non-motorized transportation in this city.
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    Thank you Jim. You advocacy of the Vision Zero Plan will make the city safer and more livable for all city residents.
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    Sign the petition: Petition: Thank Jim Kenney for Supporting the Vision Zero Plan for Safer Philly Streets
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    Thanks! Looking forward to safe streets for my family!
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