2015 Platform Overview


Philadelphia is a growing 21st Century city that demands more and improved transportation choices. The city also requires more transit-accessible housing, jobs, retail, and co-working spaces close to where people live. The quality of our public spaces must improve so we may become a more social, a healthier, and a more beautiful place to live, play, and work.

Many of our neighborhoods are already among the most walkable and bikeable in the nation, but local politicians can do more to build on these key strengths, or at a minimum stop undermining them with outdated policies that promote solo-driving at great expense to the city and its people.

Most Philadelphians still own cars and drive to work alone. Almost 40% of Philadelphians wake up each morning and leave the city for work in the collar counties. Change is needed to make the city prosper.

These challenges and opportunities will rest in the hands of our Mayor and City Council.

They preside over a City government at a crossroads, and their choices about land use, transportation, and public space have far-reaching consequences as the city undergoes another four years of growth and construction.

Philadelphians must elect politicians with the vision to manage a growing city in the 21st Century.

We need our Mayor and City Council to support policies that create jobs closer to where people live, with close and frequent transit stations and abundant housing options for current and future generations. We need them to set ambitious goals for improving public transit and active transportation choices. And we need them to treat our public streets as public spaces, first and foremost, that must serve all users — not just cars.

5th Square PAC has asked candidates for Mayor and City Council to commit to our vision for livability and transportation choice by pledging support for these policy changes, which we know will make a positive impact on the options all people will have to live, work, play and get around Philadelphia.

Read mayoral and council candidate responses to our 2015 questionnaire here.