Free Transfers


SEPTA Key has made it much easier to pay for transit, but SEPTA has refused to eliminate one of the most inconvenient and counterproductive parts of their fare policy: the $1 transfer penalty.

It's time for SEPTA to give riders a break, and stop charging an extra $1 penalty to transfer between buses, subways, and trolleys.

When SEPTA charges an extra $1.00 for transfers, that's an unfair penalty for everyone whose home isn’t on the exact transit line as their job, family, school, grocery store, or place of worship. And it costs SEPTA more to run the system this way!

One SEPTA fare should cover your whole trip. With free transfers, every SEPTA rider would have the opportunity to access the whole city, on equal footing with every other rider. 

To learn more about why SEPTA should end the transfer penalty in their next fare vote, visit our Action page

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  • James Kennedy
    commented 2019-01-09 14:15:31 -0500
    Free transfers are a great idea and would be an equity win for the whole city.

    I was looking at the free SEPTA passes for college students section of this issues page, and that unfortunately doesn’t have a comment thread, so I’m adding my comment about that here. It would be really great to have free college SEPTA passes. What can 5th Square do to push for better SEPTA access for low income Philadelphians, too, though? I feel like the demand should be expanded to call for free SEPTA passes for the lowest quintile of Philadelphians, or perhaps even for the lowest two quintiles. I know that’s a big ask that can’t necessarily be won immediately, but I think it’s important to signal to other Philadelphians that as a group urbanists are committed to equity. SEPTA passes are expensive for people who are low income and we should be standing up for this.