A Night at Benjamin's Desk with the 5th Square and Locus Partners

Image by Locus Partners LLC

Image by Locus

Philadelphia has a new non-partisan political action committee leading the push for safer streets, better public spaces, a more robust transportation network, and a cleaner city. 

The 5th Square PAC aims to help educate and mobilize voters around these core issues as well as provide financial support and endorsements for a handful of exceptional candidates for City Council and Mayor. To be successful, we're relying on the financial support of hundreds of voters who care about these every day issues and are ready for better leadership in our city.

Join us for a fundraiser at Benjamin's Desk on Wednesday, April 15, with special guest Mike Lydon of Street Plans, the author of a new book about tactical urbanism. Lydon is a nationally recognized leader on tactical urbanism whose work has inspired hundreds of people to make low-cost, temporary public space interventions in their neighborhoods, many of which have had real staying power.

This event will provide a fun opportunity for you to meet the 5th Square team and other supporters of better urbanism for Philadelphia, and learn more about what we hope to accomplish this election cycle. 

Our city has made great strides in recent years, but there remains plenty of work to be done. We hope you'll join our movement to push Philadelphia forward.


Will you come?

$500.00 Jane Jacobs
$250.00 Jan Gehl
$100.00 Janette Sadik-Khan
$50.00 Enrique Peñalosa