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About Us

The 5th Square is a political action committee (PAC) organized within the State of Pennsylvania to advocate for smart policy for transportation, public space, land use, and better governance in Philadelphia. 

Our name is a reference to City Hall – the functional and symbolic intersection of local government and public space, through which virtually every artery of our public transit network runs. It's the very heart of our great city.

We believe our platform highlights everyday issues that are important to a broad coalition of Philadelphians. In many ways, our goals reflect a quality of life that was once enjoyed throughout the city just a few generations ago: dense and close-knit communities were prevalent, people walked to work, children played in the street, public transit service was robust, and the city was designed and built for people.

Philadelphia needs visionary leaders who understand that well-crafted policy can shape the future of our city. We’ll interview, evaluate, and rate all candidates for mayor and city council. Then we’ll endorse, fund, and provide volunteer support for the very best and brightest of those candidates.

We are currently fundraising (contribute here) and evaluating candidates on their records and campaign stances. We will also be asking candidates to pledge their support toward our 2015 Platform. Look to us in the weeks and months ahead to provide information on candidates and important election issues. 

You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Most importantly, spread the word about us. We're here for the long haul.


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