Philly's urbanist PAC

Better transportation, land use
and public space for the people.

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We believe that a more accessible, sustainable, equitable, and dynamic Philadelphia can be realized through better policy and investment approaches to transportation, land use, and public space. We challenge the status quo to create a better Philadelphia for people in every neighborhood.

During campaign season, we interview, evaluate, and rate candidates in the city's mayoral and council races based on their records and campaign stances, and we also ask candidates to pledge their support for our policy platform. We then endorse, fund, and provide volunteer support for the very best candidates.

5th Square is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) organized within the State of Pennsylvania. 

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We are named for the last of Philadelphia's five original public squares, Centre Square, through which our rapid transit operates and upon which stands City Hall. 



5th Square was founded in 2014 and is chaired by co-founder David Curtis. Check back soon for our Team page.