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Better transportation, land use
and public space for the people.

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5th Square is Philly's urbanist political action committee. We formed in 2014 to support candidates for local elected office who are committed to policy change in the areas of transportation, land use, and public space, and to advance a vision for a more accessible, sustainable, equitable Philadelphia for all residents.

During campaign season, we rate candidates for local and state office based on their voting records, campaign positions, and support for urbanist policy goals. We then endorse, fund, and provide volunteer support for the very best candidates. Between elections, we engage in issue advocacy and rapid response to legislation, and provide political support to other urbanist advocates and organizations. 


We are named for the last of Philadelphia's five original public squares, Centre Square, the seat of City Hall, and the heart of our rapid transit network. It's the literal convergence of politics, transportation, and public space in Philly's metropolitan center.


5th Square is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) organized within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, co-chaired by Jake Liefer and Dena Driscoll. We are supported by a large extended family of volunteers and activists, along with over 300 small donors. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, read by over 6,600 Philadelphia urbanists, and then sign up to volunteer with us in your area.