Mayor Kenney: Keep South Broad Safe, Enforce Parking Rules



During the DNC, the Kenney administration began enforcing parking rules on South Broad, and the street already looks and feels better. More importantly, the street is safer, too. No more blocked turning lanes; no more drivers and passengers suddenly exiting vehicles in the center of the street; no more pedestrians suddenly popping out from between parked vehicles; no more dangerous traffic conflicts as drivers in the left-hand lane try to parallel park in the median.

That's why we're urging the Kenney administration to direct the Philadelphia Police Department to continue enforcing parking rules on South Broad Street after the DNC ends.

The median parking is dangerous and ugly, and yet no one has been willing to touch it for fear of political blowback. As Kenney himself has said, Broad Street median parking is "not a good thing" for safety. After all, the practice is illegal in the first place, and for good reason.

Mayor Kenney committed to a "Vision Zero" policy for street safety during his 2015 campaign, and South Broad is one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the entire city. Median parking plays an important part in that, and the DNC provides the perfect opportunity to fix it.

No one is currently parked in the South Broad median, so nothing is being taken away from anyone. The bandaid has already been ripped off, and few people seem upset about it. In fact, plenty of people are thrilled about the new look of South Broad Street. 

What's more, many residents who live near South Broad have commented that there haven't been any noticeable changes in parking availability in the area, even with temporary parking enforcement and all the extra people in town for the DNC.

But this shouldn't be surprising. The median only contains about 200 (illegal) parking spaces spread over 16 blocks, so of course nobody noticed a difference. The rest of South Philly's parking supply absorbed the demand pretty easily.

Mayor Kenney has a rare opportunity to build on this momentum and kick off a new initiative with PHS and other design groups to beautify and further improve safety on the South Broad median with planters, greenery, and more generous pedestrian space as part of his Vision Zero campaign. The Mural Arts median makeover for the DNC was a good start, but we know Broad Street's median can be even better, safer, and more welcoming, and not just during the occasional national event.

If a safer South Broad is good enough for the DNC delegates, shouldn't it be good enough for the average Philadelphian?

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    Turn the median into a cordoned-off bike lane. Never hurts to reward the people who are helping alleviate congestion and parking scarcity.
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    Extremely disappointed to hear the Mayor (the Mayor!) give a Philly Shrug when asked about this. I had thought we elected somebody who didn’t Philly Shrug. P
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    How is it fair for PPA to enforce parking rules without mercy across the city, while making a (dangerous) exception on south broad?
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    It’s unfair to those of us who do not own cars, like myself. I am put in harms way while crossing Broad St because of a parking problem I am not a part of and that has other solutions besides illegal parking. Is there a way to get the state involved? If Philadelphia won’t act, perhaps DOT can help it to enforce the rules.
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    Thanks for your leadership
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    I’ve been saying this for years. I often write post it notes that say: “Your car DESERVES to get hit” when the idiots park in a left turning lane. I am also embarrassed when I have out-of-town friends and relatives and they are in utter disbelief that the City allows parking in the middle of a major arterial thorofare. I loved how South Broad looked and felt during the DNC. And I also didn’t hear anyone complaining about it. This needs to be accomplished stat!
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    Thank you for your efforts.
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    Amazing…a “world class city” that has simple, practical laws which are not enforced….
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    Either enforce parking rules or let me park in the middle of Bustleton Ave up in the far NE (You do know that section of the city exists, right?).
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    No right to parking

    The city was built without cars

    Roads paved for cyclists
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    the laws should be enforced equally throughout the city regardless of “tradition”
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    Everybody still found parking when the ban was in effect. And without parking in the center median not only is it safer. But it will also give Emergency vehicles and police a clear path. And not force them to fight through traffic.
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    They are illegally parked why should other illegally parked cars get towed and Ticketed and the these are parked literally in the middle of the street fair is fair Mr Mayor
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    I Don’t have a car nor live right near broad, so I have no horse in the race, but after seeing the whiny nerd on Fox 29 this morning I felt compelled to say shut up. Your an adult its not that hard to cross a busy street safely, Ive known how since I was 7 years old. Look up from your Pokemon game or slow down on your 1970s hippie bike and everything will be ok. Your not the average Philadelphian, you probably moved here from Lancaster county 5 years ago, and you’ll be gone sooner then that after someone steals your fixie. Im signing your dumb petition, not because I like it (surely you realize that by now) but to leave this comment
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    The streets will be safer. I almost hit a car door that a kid opened when I was driving down the street
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