City Council’s Hearing on Parking Minimums

*UPDATE: Bill 160710 is being HELD! The Rules committee won’t hear testimony on it on 10/16. Stay tuned and watch our newsletter for next steps. Original post below.*

Help us Stop City Council's Regressive Parking Minimums Bill

City Council's Rules Committee is scheduled to hear public testimony Wednesday on Bill No. 160710—which is the latest of many attempts to increase Philly's wrong-headed minimum parking requirements for residential construction.

This would be a disaster for housing affordability, air quality, and transportation choice.

We need your help to kill this bill

Increasing minimum parking requirements would:

  • Worsen congestion,
  • Makes housing more expensive in a way that unfairly shifts the cost of parking onto people who don’t drive,
  • Undermines transit by incentivizing driving as a transportation choice,
  • Kills neighborhood walkability with the increased construction of parking. 

Here are some additional arguments against minimum parking requirements.

Come to City Council's Rules Committee meeting to voice your opposition to this bad bill that, if passed, will cement our car-dominated culture for years to come.

Can't make it to the hearing?

We need 5th Square supporters to call and email Councilmembers on the Rules Committee to tell them to vote NO on Bill 160710 in the Rules Committee. 

The Councilmembers listed below are the swing voters on Bill 160710 and are the highest priority for phone calls. It's always better to call District members whose districts you live in, and as always, be firm but respectful, especially when speaking to staff. 

District 1: Mark Squilla: [email protected], (215) 686-3458, (215) 686-3459

District 2: Kenyatta Johnson: [email protected], (215) 686-3412, (215) 686-3413

District 7: Maria Quiñones-Sánchez: [email protected], (215) 686-3448, (215) 686-3449

Will you come?