Newsletter: 🤝 June 5th Square Meetup / 🛣️ Lessons from Colorado for I-95 / ⏳ Time is Running Out for Transit Funding

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 282 🤝 JUNE 5TH SQUARE MEETUP On June 20th at 6pm, join 5th Square organizers and volunteers for an informal, in-person meet-up over at the PHS Pop Up Garden at Manayunk!  This is an outdoor, family-friendly event where we will provide updates on our recent campaigns.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🥳 Bus Revolution Approved / 🚲 Speak Up for Protected Bike Lanes Next Tuesday / 💰 Funding Placemaking Projects

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 281 🥳 BUS REVOLUTION APPROVED It's been quite the journey, but this past week, SEPTA's board finally voted to approve Bus Revolution! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚏 Testify at SEPTA Meetings this Week / 🔇 Ride of Silence and Vision Zero / 💸 Fare-Free Transit

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 280 🚏 SEPTA MEETINGS THIS WEEK There are two upcoming meetings hosted by SEPTA this week that we need volunteers to show up for and speak out: Continue reading

Newsletter: ✨ 5th Square Meetup THURSDAY / 🖤 Ride of Silence TOMORROW / 🚨 Proposed Vision Zero Funding Cut

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 279 ✨ MAY 5TH SQUARE MEETUP THURSDAY Join 5th Square organizers and volunteers for an informal, in-person meet-up over at Resurrection Philadelphia’s Annex this Thursday, May 16th at 6PM! This is an indoor/outdoor, family-friendly event and light refreshments and pizza will be served. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🤝 FTWNB Urbanist Meetup THURSDAY / ✨ May 5th Square Meetup Next Week / 🚏 Testify at SEPTA Meetings

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 278 5th Square is Philadelphia's urbanist political action committee, organizing and advocating for better transportation, land use, and public space policies. Our work is made possible through the support of nearly 450 members donating anywhere from $5 to $25 a month. 🤝 FTWNB URBANIST MEETUP THURSDAY Calling all Femme, Trans, Women, and Non-Binary (FTWNB) urbanists!  Join us for a meetup at Indy Hall's 4th Floor Skyroom, this Thursday May 9th at 6pm.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🤝 FTWNB Urbanist Meetup Next Week / ✨ May 5th Square Meetup / 🚏 New Intercity Bus Terminal

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 277 🤝 FTWNB URBANIST MEETUP NEXT WEEK Calling all Femme, Trans, Women, and Non-Binary (FTWNB) urbanists!  Join us for a meetup at Indy Hall's 4th Floor Skyroom, May 9th at 6pm.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Vote Today! / 💰 Testify Tomorrow on the City's Budget / 🚇 SEPTA Safety

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 276 🗳️ VOTE TODAY Today is Election Day! Make sure you show up to your polling place by 8:00 PM. We endorse the following candidates: Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Election Next Week / ⚖️ Balancing Preservation and Development / 💰 Testify on the City's Budget

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 275 🗳️ ELECTION NEXT WEEK Election Day is NEXT TUESDAY, April 23rd. Make sure to turn in your mail-in ballot on-time or make a plan to show up to your polling place Continue reading

Newsletter: 🍽️ Streetery Showdown / 🚇 Help Out with Blvd Subway Advocacy / 🏫 Support Student SEPTA Passes

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 274 🍽️ STREETERY SHOWDOWN Remember streeteries? After first proliferating during the peak of the pandemic as a safer alternative to indoor dining, they have been steadily going extinct. These dynamic public spaces which repurposed our streets for a more productive use than parking have shrank in number from more than 800 at their peak to only 13 today. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Our Ballot Guide / 🚨 Register to Vote by Monday / 🤝 Candidate Meet and Greet Recap

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 273 🗳️ OUR BALLOT GUIDE Mail-in ballots are starting to arrive so we want to help you figure out how to fill yours out. This election, we are endorsing the following candidates: Continue reading

April Fools!

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 272½ // April 1, 2024 Thank you for reading our April Fools Newsletter, if you aren't already a newsletter subscriber, sign up here!  All of these news items are satire, but obviously, with a kernel of truth touching on systemic issues with Philadelphia's broken political process and the way its affects our built environment and its residents. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🤝 Candidate Meet and Greet Next Week / 🏗️ Legalizing Housing in All of PA / 🙄 Lessons from the "Poop Building"

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 272  🤝 CANDIDATE MEET AND GREET NEXT WEEK We will be hosting a candidate meet & greet on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6 PM, at Indy Hall in Northern Liberties. We will be welcoming the following endorsed candidates running for State Senate and State House in the upcoming primary: Continue reading

Newsletter: ✅ Announcing Our Endorsements / 🚌 Show up to Support Bus Revolution / 🛣️ Lessons From Washington Avenue

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 271 ✅ ANNOUNCING OUR ENDORSEMENTS 5th Square is proud to announce its endorsement for the following candidates for the 2024 Pennsylvania primary elections: Continue reading

Primary Endorsements - 2024 PA State Legislature Races

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFriday, March 15, 2024 5th Square is proud to announce its endorsement for the following candidates for the 2024 Pennsylvania primary elections. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🪡 Chinatown Stich Funded / 🚉 Support Transit Funding This Monday / 🤝 Candidate Meet and Greet

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 270 🪡 CHINATOWN STICH FUNDED For more than half a century, Chinatown has been split down the middle by I-676, separating neighbors with a pollution-spewing expressway. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Vote on 5th Square Endorsements / 🎥 Choose Speed Camera Locations / 💰 Advocate for Transit Funding

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 269 🗳️ VOTE ON 5TH SQUARE ENDORSEMENTS 5th Square members are currently voting on who we will endorse for the upcoming election. If you're not already a member, it's not too late to become one and have a say in this election cycle. Current members should check their emails for details on how to vote. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Getting Ready for the Election / 🧊 Philly Phreeze Recap / 🚅 Transportation Camp PHL

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 268 🗳️ GETTING READY FOR THE ELECTION There's an election coming up again and 5th Square is getting ready for it. Our members will be deciding which candidates we will endorse and we want you to join us as a member. Continue reading

Newsletter: 👕 New Blvd Subway Shirts! / 🧊 Thank You for Supporting Philly Phreeze / 🚇 New L Cars

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 267 👕 NEW BLVD SUBWAY SHIRTS We are excited to announce that we are releasing a new design for our Roosevelt Blvd Subway t-shirts. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚌 Support Bus Revolution / 🚗 Philadelphians Ditching Their Cars / 🗳️ Apply for Mail-In Ballot

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 266 🚌 SUPPORT BUS REVOLUTION Buses are a vital lifeline for getting folks around Philly, with many neighborhoods completely reliant on this service being fast, frequent, and reliable. Continue reading

Press Release: Bus Revolution Delay

5th Square is providing the following press release in reaction to the recent Delay in Implementing Bus Revolution February 13, 2024For Immediate Release PHILADELPHIA -- 5th Square Chair Steph Davis said, “SEPTA is in a moment of crisis. The bus system is not working even for our deeply-rooted communities. The insidious failures of the current system outweigh any potential shortcomings of an intentional bus network redesign with the Bus Revolution. Council can address underfunding, but without the Bus Revolution we cannot respond to the operator shortage while adapting to the changing needs of riders.  Continue reading