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🗳️ Primary 2024 Ballot Guide


  • Nikil Saval for the 1st Senate District
  • Cass Green for the 10th House District
  • Marylouise Isaacson for the 175th House District
  • Joe Hohenstein for the 177th House District
  • Malcolm Kenyatta for the 181st House District
  • Ben Waxman for the 182nd House District
  • Elizabeth Fiedler for the 184th House District
  • Tarik Khan for the 194th House District
  • Andre Carroll for the 201st House District

Read our Endorsement Press Release to see why our members chose these candidates.


5th Square's Steering Committee offers these ballot recommendations, Read full Ballot Question here.  

  • Question 1: Vote NO

    5th Square stands firmly against SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) and any attempts to suppress neighbors having a voice in shaping their community. If it passes, Philadelphia taxpayers would be responsible for paying any legal judgments against RCOs without these RCOs also being held accountable when violating standards and requirements set by the Department of Planning & Development. Our city should not be burdened with tough budget decisions while paying RCO-related legal penalties. Ultimately we must oppose Question 1 because it further codifies the RCO system that does not equitably amplify community voices.

✅ Endorsed Candidates - 2024 Primary Elections

Nikil Saval - PA Senate District 1Cass Green - PA House District 10Marylouise Isaacson - PA House District 175
Joe Hohenstein - PA House District 177Malcolm Kenyatta - PA House District 181Ben Waxman - PA House District 182
Elizabeth Fiedler - PA House District 184Tarik Khan - PA House District 194Andre Carroll - PA House District 201

📋 Questionnaire Responses

Thank you to all the candidates who took the time to answer our questionnaire.  For 5th Square's positions on these issues see our 2024 Issues Page

5th Square’s Steering Committee has approved the following candidates for consideration of endorsement by our membership. Read their questionnaires below:

Pennsylvania State Senate

District 1 [Map] Incumbent: Nikil Saval

Nikil Saval


Pennsylvania House of Representatives

District 10 [MapIncumbent: Amen Brown

Cass Green

District 175 [Map] Incumbent: MaryLouise Isaacson

MaryLouise Isaacson

District 177 [Map] Incumbent: Joe Hohenstein

Joe Hohenstein

District 181 [Map] Incumbent: Malcolm Kenyatta

Malcolm Kenyatta

District 182 [Map] Incumbent: Ben Waxman

Ben Waxman

District 184 [Map] Incumbent: Elizabeth Fiedler

Elizabeth Fiedler

District 194 [Map] Incumbent: Tarik Khan

Tarik Khan

District 201 [Map] Incumbent: Stephen Kinsey

Andre Carroll


📅 Important 2024 Election Dates

April 8, 2024 Last day to REGISTER before the primary
April 16, 2024 Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot
April 23, 2024 Last day for County Board of Elections to receive completed mail-in and civilian absentee ballots (must be received by 8:00 P.M.) 
April 23, 2024 GENERAL PRIMARY 


📫 How to Vote By Mail

Any registered PA voter can request a mail-in ballot for any reason: either online (need PA ID) or by mail.

You can also register to vote or update your voting address online.


🗺️ Find Your District

Not sure which district you live in?

• Look up your elected officials using your home address

• Map of Philadelphia with State Senatorial Districts and State Representative Districts.

*NOTE: As of 02/04/2022 PA state House and Senate maps have been redrawn, see the new maps here.



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