Map: Where You Can Vote in Philadelphia's November 3rd General Election

The Philadelphia City Commissioners have announced official polling places for the November 3rd election as well as the locations of “satellite election offices". Use the map below to look up where your polling place is, as it may be different from where you usually vote.  Continue reading

Map: Where Are Philly's New Outdoor "Streeteries"?

In June of 2020, City Council approved new easier permitting rules that allow restaurants to use sidewalks and parking lanes for outdoor dining, or even close streets to cars in some cases. Continue reading

MAP: Passenger rail stations with 1/4 and 1/2 mile radii, overlaid on zoning districts

As Philadelphia City Council deliberates over downzoning legislation, many cities across the US and internationally are taking drastic measures to increase access to transportation by encouraging Transit-Oriented Development. After the jump, check out Philadelphia's robust passenger rail network compared to our single-family-dominated zoning districts.

MAP: Non-Car Commute Mode Share (2016)

Mapping percent of non-car commute mode share by census tract, based on 2017 census estimates. Spoiler alert: the vast majority of residents in Greater Center City do not drive to work. Statistics by council district after the jump: Continue reading

MAP: Inclusionary Zoning-eligible property

Inclusionary zoning bonuses provide housing incentives to developers, in exchange for including affordable housing considerations in their development. Eligible properties are limited by zoning classifications, and only apply to parcels where multiple units (e.g. apartments) are permitted. Continue reading

MAP: No-Car Households By Census Tract

Census data for car-free and car-light households in Philadelphia. Continue reading

MAP: No-Car Households By Council District

Mapping access to a vehicle by household, by Council Districts, based on 2017 census estimates. Key insights after the jump: Continue reading

MAP: Philadelphia Zoning Districts (Toggle-able!)

Clickable, zoomable, filterable map of all Philadelphia base zoning districts. Key insights after the jump: Continue reading

MAP: Zoning in Philadelphia's Opportunity Zones

Zoning classifications for all parcels within Philadelphia's Opportunity Zones.   Key insights after the jump: Continue reading