MAP: Zoning in Philadelphia's Opportunity Zones

Zoning classifications for all parcels within Philadelphia's Opportunity Zones.


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Within the Philadelphia Opportunity Zones:

Commercial zoning within in the Opportunity Zone:

  • Commercial parcels (CMX1 - 5, CA1, CA2): 2620
  • Commercial parcel area (as percent of total Opportunity Zone): 16.3%
  • Commercial+ parcels CMX2.5+ (CMX2.5, CMX3, CMX4, CMX5): 527
  • Commercial+ parcel area CMX2.5+ area: 8.7%

Industrial zoning within the Opportunity Zone (I1, I2, I3, ICMX, IRMX)

  • Industrial parcels: 537
  • Industrial parcel area: 36.9%

Residential zoning within the Opportunity zone:

  • Residential parcels (RM1 RM2 RM3 RM4 RMX2 RMX3 RSA1 RSA2 RSA3 RSA5 RSD3 RTA1): 3973
  • Residential parcel area: 46.8%
  • Single-family parcels (RSA1 RSA2 RSA3 RSA5 RSD3 RTA1): 2543
  • Single-family parcel area: 32.6%