Newsletter: 🎉 New Year, New Mayor / 🔮 5th Square in 2024 / 🧭 Volunteer Orientation

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 260 🎉 NEW YEAR, NEW MAYOR As our new mayor and city councilmembers are sworn in today, we want to wish them the best of luck in representing Philadelphians and working to improve our city. We look forward to working with them to address the issues facing Philadelphia and seeing what new ideas they bring to City Hall. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🥳 Traffic Safety Win / 🛣️ Give PennDOT Feedback / 🎄 Holiday Party Recap

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 259 🥳 TRAFFIC SAFETY WIN Good news, Philly's speed cameras have been saved! Thanks to the hard work of advocates and legislators in Harrisburg, state law now allows our city to keep the highly successful speed cameras on Roosevelt Blvd (which have saved an estimated 36 lives) as well as to expand automated speed enforcement to school zones and additional pilot corridors. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🎄 Holiday Party Tomorrow / 🏆 Urbanist Award Winners / 🚇 Blvd Subway Meeting Thursday

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 258 🎄 HOLIDAY PARTY TOMORROW Join 5th Square members and friends for our annual Holiday Party + Urbanist Awards Ceremony at Resurrection Philadelphia, 42nd & Pine Streets on TOMORROW Wednesday, December 13th at 7 PM! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🎄 Holiday Party Next Week / 📸 Save Philly's Speed Cameras / 🎉 Blvd Subway Victories

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 257 🎄 HOLIDAY PARTY NEXT WEEK Join 5th Square members and friends for our annual Holiday Party + Urbanist Awards Ceremony at Resurrection Philadelphia, 42nd & Pine Streets on Wednesday, December 13th at 7 PM! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚇 Blvd Subway Meeting TONIGHT / ⛔ Preventing Traffic Deaths / 🥶 Cold Thanksgiving for Bus Riders

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 256 🚇 BLVD SUBWAY MEETING TONIGHT Tonight's the night to show up to support the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway! We need supporters at tonight's meeting to solidify support for this critical project.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🎄 Holiday Party Next Month / 🏆 Urbanist Award Nominations / 🚏 Intercity Bus Terminal Relocation

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 255 🚇 BLVD SUBWAY INPUT MEETINGS This is where the rubber hits the road.  If we are serious about making the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway a reality, we need a supporters at these events! Continue reading

Press Release: Intercity Bus Terminal Relocation

Press Release: Intercity Bus Terminal Relocation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, November 15, 2023 PHILADELPHIA — While we recognize the temporary relocation of Philadelphia’s intercity bus terminal as forward progress in addressing some of our concerns, the City and bus carriers still have a long way to go in serving both riders and city residents. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚇 Upcoming Blvd Subway Meetings / 💔 A Heartbreaking Record / 🚧 Learn About Street Paving

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 254 🚇 UPCOMING BLVD SUBWAY MEETINGS Want to get more involved in advocating for the Roosevelt Blvd Subway? There will be three upcoming meetings in November and December which will be a great opportunity to make your voice heard. We'll also be handing out some free swag to supporters at these meetings, so don't miss it! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Vote Today! / 🛣️ Narrow Lanes Save Lives / 🚲 Bike Lane Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 253 🗳️ VOTE TODAY! It's election day! If you haven't voted already, polls will be open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚋 Faster Trolleys and Buses / 🗳️ Election Next Tuesday / 🧥 New Blvd Subway Hoodies

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 252 🚋 FASTER TROLLEYS AND BUSES Getting delayed on the bus or trolley from an illegally parked car is a frustrating experience that can make transit riders feel like second-class citizens. Fortunately, a new law passed by City Council would equip SEPTA buses and trolleys with cameras for automated enforcement against illegal parking in bus lanes, on trolley tracks, and blocking bus stops. Continue reading

Newsletter: ⚾ Sports and Subways / 🛣️ Learn About Street Design / 🏙️ Family-Sized Apartments

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 251 ⚾ SPORTS AND SUBWAYS Last Tuesday, the sports complex was abuzz with three games in one night, drawing a massive crowd of 126,000 fans. Though it was a chaotic night if you were driving, the tens of thousands of fans who took the Broad Street Line had a fun, free, and fast trip down to South Philly. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🙅 Tell PennDOT No Highway Expansion / 🚇 Successful Blvd Subway Hearing / 📚 Expanded Library Hours

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 250 🙅 TELL PENNDOT NO HIGHWAY EXPANSION PennDOT is seeking feedback (respond by Thursday) for their plans to expand portions of I-95 through South Philly. All of PennDOT's proposed changes involve highway and ramp widenings through the heart of our city, which will increase traffic volume, pollution, and traffic deaths, and undermine sustainable modes of transportation like walking, biking, and public transit. Continue reading

Tell PennDOT: NO highway expansion in Philly!

Tell PennDOT that there should be no highway expansion or new interchange between the Walt Whitman Bridge and Broad St, and that we should instead create more walkable and bikeable streets, and expand public transit (eg the BSL Navy Yard Extension). Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚇 Blvd Subway Hearing Tomorrow / 💸 SEPTA Funding Update / 🗳️ Register to Vote

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 249 🚇 CITY COUNCIL BLVD SUBWAY HEARING TOMORROW TOMORROW at 1:00 p.m., City Council's Transportation Committee will be holding a virtual hearing on the proposed Roosevelt Boulevard Subway which will be streamed here. Continue reading

Newsletter: ✅ Endorsement Alert / 🚣 Meetup this Thursday / 🚇 Blvd Subway Hearing

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 248 ✅ ENDORSEMENT ALERT 5th Square is proud to announce its endorsements for the following candidates running for City Council in this year’s general elections. Continue reading

General Election Endorsements - 2023 Philadelphia City Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMonday, October 2, 2023 5th Square is proud to announce its endorsements for the following candidates running for City Council in this year’s general elections. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🏛️ Lobby for Speed Cameras / 🚣‍♀️ Meetup Next Thursday / 🛣️ Say No to Highway Spending

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 247 🏛️ LOBBY FOR SPEED CAMERAS Join us and the Bicycle Coalition in Harrisburg to renew and expand automated speed enforcement in Philly on Tuesday, October 3rd. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🗳️ Endorsements Straw Poll / 🚇 Transit Funding / 🎥 Expanding Automated Speed Enforcement

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 246 🗳️ ENDORSEMENTS STRAW POLL Our membership is deciding our endorsements for the General Election THIS WEEK via straw poll.  JOIN TODAY to be part of this process by becoming a member for only $5 / month! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🤝 September Meetup / 👟 Feet First Mini-Grant / 🚲 Washington Square West Bike Day

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 245 🤝 SEPTEMBER MEETUP: MANAYUNK 🚨THIS THURSDAY🚨September 14, 2023 at 6:00pm – 8pm Join 5th Square organizers and volunteers for an informal, in-person meet-up over at the PHS Pop Up Garden at Manayunk! We will be welcoming folks from SEPTA who will update us on the new Wissahickon Transportation Center. Continue reading