Press Release: SEPTA Strategic Plan 2021-2026

5th Square is providing the following press release in reaction to newly-released SEPTA 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.    Continue reading

Press Release: Philadelphia Transit Plan Announcement

5th Square is providing the following press release in reaction to newly-released City Transit Plan: Continue reading

🚲 Grays Ferry Bridge 🌉 Protected Bike Lane is Here!

PennDOT just finished their work on the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge and the new westbound protected bike lane looks amazing! Continue reading

💥 BIG NEWS 💥 SEPTA Chestnut Hill West Line is Coming Back!

Thank you for signing our petition calling on SEPTA to adapt to the pandemic and grow its ridership by Restoring Service & Lowering Fares on Regional Rail. We have some big news to share! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚉 The Future of Regional Rail | 🏘️ The Rise of the Zoning 'Overlay' | 💰 Land Value Tax Event

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 135 5TH SQUARE IN THE NEWS - 🚉 The Future of Regional Rail The Inquirer's Pat Madej poses the existential question facing SEPTA's regional rail system -- Without commuters, what will happen to SEPTA Regional Rail?  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚵 Demand Safer Streets for Frankford | 🏗️ How to Shape Development in 2021 | 📽️ Bicycle Film Festival

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 134 ACTION PennDOT’s is accepting public comment on their I-95 proposal for road work near the Frankford Arsenal in Northeast Philly. 🚵‍♀️ Demand safe bike and pedestrian facilities here! Continue reading

Regional Rail Update: DVRPC to study Regional Rail fare equity and restructuring!

We have some small but exciting news to share about our campaign to reform regional rail fares and service in our region.As part of their FY2022 Work Program (still open for public comment), the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) will conduct a study of regional rail fare equity and restructuring. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚸 Mantua Traffic Safety Project | 🚴 MLK Drive Usage Study | ❄️ Winter Friendly Cities

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 133 🚸 MANTUA TRAFFIC SAFETY PROJECT Do you live, work, or travel through the Mantua neighborhood in West Philly? Continue reading

Newsletter: 📅 2020 Year In Review | 🚲 ENDING TODAY - Spring Garden St Survey

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 132 Note: This newsletter will be a special one with two urgent action items and a celebration of all the work we have done in the past year! Continue reading

Newsletter: You Are Invited! ❄️Annual Holiday Party + Urbanist Awards | 🦺 Spring Garden Street Needs Your Input | 🌇 Help Steer Philly's New Comprehensive Plan

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 131 ❄️ HOLIDAY PARTY + 2020 URBANIST AWARDS Join 5th Square for our year-end Holiday Party over Zoom on Thursday, December 17th at 6:00 PM and our second annual Urbanist Awards ceremony! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🏛️ President-Elect Biden's Transit Plans | 🌉 Ben Franklin Bridge Input | 🚂 Advocate for Rail Service to Allentown | 🏭 Testify to Reduce PA's Greenhouse Gases

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 129 🏛️ PRESIDENT-ELECT BIDEN'S TRANSIT PLANS It was thrilling to see the pivotal role our region played in tipping the votes for President-elect Joe Biden in last week's Presidential election, and 5th Square is proud of the work our members and volunteers did helping turn out the vote in their communities on Election Day. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🏞️ Win for Safety on Cobbs Creek Pkwy | 🌆 Downzoning for Society Hill | 🌉 Grays Ferry Bridge Victory in the News

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 128 🏞️ WIN FOR SAFETY ON COBBS CREEK PKWY At a virtual stakeholder meeting hosted by Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center last Thursday, PennDOT and the Philadelphia Streets Department shared some promising plans to improve safety along Cobbs Creek Parkway. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌆 Mayor Kenney: Veto Exclusionary Zoning Overlay in Society Hill | 🚉 Read Our Op-Ed on Regional Rail Equity |🗳️ Look Up Your New Polling Place

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 127 🌆 TELL MAYOR KENNEY: VETO EXCLUSIONARY ZONING OVERLAY IN SOCIETY HILL Councilmanic Prerogative won another round for exclusionary zoning, and City Council passed Councilmember Mark Squilla's zoning overlay for Society Hill. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌆 Reject Exclusionary Zoning in Society Hill | 🚲Bike Lane Bill Update | 🛣️ Road Diet WIN for Washington Ave | 🏞️ Making Headway on Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 126 🌆 REJECT EXCLUSIONARY ZONING IN SOCIETY HILL Society Hill NIMBY ('Not in My Back Yard') activists have been lobbying Councilmember Mark Squilla to help them make their neighborhood even more exclusive. Despite the Mayor vetoing this push last year, the bill is back and likely to pass City Council THIS THURSDAY. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚴BIG WIN for Grays Ferry Bridge | 🏞️ Safety for Cobbs Creek Pkwy | 🏀 Sixers' Rebuffed from Penn's Landing

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 125 🚴 BIG WIN FOR GRAYS FERRY BRIDGE Remember that petition for a westbound protected bike lane on the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge we published last year? PennDOT and the City heard our request and is making it happen! PennDOT anticipates that a modular curb system with flexible delineator posts will be installed by the end of November 2020 on the westbound side of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge over the Schuylkill River. This means that both westbound and eastbound sides of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge will have protected bike paths! Continue reading

BIG VICTORY for Grays Ferry Ave. Bridge Protected Bike Lane!

Remember that petition for a westbound protected bike lane on the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge we published a little over a year ago? We just got an exciting update from PennDOT! PennDOT anticipates that a modular curb system with flexible delineator posts will be installed by the end of November 2020 on the westbound side of the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge over the Schuylkill River. This project safety enhancement will make the boundary between the westbound bike lane and the adjacent vehicular traffic lane more visible to both drivers and bicyclists. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🏞️ Demanding a Safer Cobbs Creek Pkwy | 🏛️ Meet-up THURSDAY w/ Councilmember Gilmore Richardson

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 124 🏞️ PETITION FOR A SAFER COBBS CREEK PKWY For far too long Cobbs Creek Parkway has been a deadly thoroughfare weaving through the western edge of West and Southwest Philadelphia. PETITION TO CHANGE THIS TODAY Continue reading

Calls for safety on Cobbs Creek Parkway need to be answered collectively, once and for all

By Larissa Mogano, For 5th Square On Thursday, newly elected Register of Wills and 50-year resident of Southwest Philadelphia Tracey Gordon held a press conference at the entrance to the Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center to address traffic safety concerns along one of Philadelphia’s most dangerous roads: Cobbs Creek Parkway. Jokingly dubbed “NASCAR” by other longtime neighbors, the topic of the press conference was definitely no laughing matter. We gathered to remember yet another young life lost in a completely preventable incident. 25-year-old Avante Reynolds leaves behind a 2-month-old baby after she was violently killed by a driver who left the scene. While we are frustrated with the careless and callous actions of one individual, the responsibility is not theirs alone. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🛣️ Recovery Streets - Join Us Online TODAY | 🌟 200 Members STRONG | 🚗 Less Traffic, Less Risk | 🍽️ Streeteries Map

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 123 🛣️ RECOVERY STREETS - EXCITING NEWS TODAY: Join us for a webinar about our Recovery Streets Platform and hear about the progress Philadelphia has made to date plus exciting new initiatives.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌟Free Shirts for New Members (7 to Go!) 👕| 🚉 Philly Inquirer Agrees: Regional Rail Needs Reform | 🗳️ Check Your Mail-In Ballot Status | 🗑️ 'Filthadelphia' is National News

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 122 ⭐ CLAIM YOUR FREE SHIRT ⭐ We need just 7 more sign-ups in order to reach 200 members.   Help us reach this milestone before the end of summer and build for important advocacy and election campaigns coming up! We are now offering all new member sign-ups a FREE 5th Square T-Shirt delivered to your home. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌟 Free Shirt Offer - 13 More Members to Go! 👕| 🚉 Tell SEPTA: Restore Service & Lower Fares on Regional Rail | 🌊 Big Waterfront Win | ☎️ Call Pat Toomey to Advocate for Transit

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 121 ⭐ FREE SHIRT OFFER ⭐ We need just 13 more sign-ups in order to reach 200 members.  Help us reach this milestone before the end of summer and build for important advocacy and election campaigns coming up! Become a member today & get a FREE 5th Square T-Shirt delivered to your home. Join us today to help support our advocacy and electoral work for a better, more sustainable Philadelphia! Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌟 Claim Your Free Shirt Today! 👕| 📣 Our Transit Funding Talk w/ Sen. Casey | ♿ Accessibility Issues with Outdoor Dining

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 120 ⭐ FREE SHIRT OFFER ⭐ Become a member today & get a FREE 5th Square T-Shirt delivered to your home. We need just 18 more sign-ups in order to reach 200 members. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌟 Free 5th Square Shirt (Limited Offer) 👕| 🚴 Help Legalize Protected Bike Lanes | 🏭 Limiting PA's Greenhouse Gases

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 119 ⭐ FREE 5TH SQUARE SHIRT! ⭐ Become a member today & get a FREE 5th Square T-Shirt delivered to your home. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚇 Free Transfer & Free Child Fares on SEPTA starting TODAY | ⭐ New Member Offer ⭐ FREE T-Shirt! 👕| 🔭 Visioning our Region's Future

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 118 ⭐ NEW MEMBER SIGN-UP OFFER ⭐ We are thrilled to kick-off a limited-time membership drive today. Continue reading

Newsletter: SEPTA Fare Wins! 👩‍👧‍👧 Children Ride Free 🔀 More Time for Free Transfer / ⚠️ Henry Ave Cyclist Tragedy / 🌆 Council Passes Pandemic Emergency Protection

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 117 ⭐ BIG WINS FOR SEPTA FARES ⭐ After an extended advocacy period for SEPTA's new fare structure - set to kick in NEXT WEEK - we got news from a SEPTA board committee meeting that the agency is proposing the following changes in the 11th hour: Continue reading

SEPTA Board Comments 6-25-2020

5th Square provided the following testimony to SEPTA at its virtual board meeting on June 25th, 2020.     Continue reading

WIN: Free SEPTA for Children Under 12!

We at 5th Square are thrilled to see SEPTA’s Budget, Planning, and Information Technology Committee recommend changes to their fare restructuring plan that move substantially in the direction of our Fair Fares advocacy platform. We thank all the volunteers who made calls, gave testimony before SEPTA, and spoke about these issues with their elected officials.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🥇 2020 Primary Election Wins | 🚲 Support Bicycle Commuter Benefits | ✋🏿 Making 'Safe Streets' Safe for Black Lives

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 116 🥇 2020 PRIMARY ELECTION VICTORIES After an exceptionally long campaign season followed by weeks of waiting for mail-in ballots results, the dust has settled and we finally know the winners in all of the races we endorsed in. Continue reading

Outdoor Dining Ordinance Testimony

5th Square provided the following oral testimony to Philadelphia City Council's Committee on Streets and Services on June 15th, 2020. We are testifying in support of Bills #200351, and #200352 - which make it easier for restaurants city-wide to operate sidewalk cafes, and authorizes the Streets Department to reallocate street space for the use of people during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Continue reading

Newsletter: 🌇 Help Protect Renters | 🚶🏿🚶🏿 Philadelphia's Pedestrian Safety Survey | ✊🏿 How Protest Benefits our Public Space

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 115 🌇 SUPPORT EMERGENCY HOUSING PROTECTIONS 5th Square supports the Emergency Housing Protection Act proposed by Councilmembers Gym, Brooks and Gauthier, and calls on the full City Council to pass the 5 bills voted out of committee.  Continue reading

Newsletter: Black Lives Matter | Election Day is TOMORROW | ✅ See Our Endorsements & Candidate Zoom Interviews

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 114 BLACK LIVES MATTER We take this moment to bear witness to the tragic murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and mourn every Black and Brown life lost due to racist actions and policies. Continue reading

June 2 Election Day Info

HEY PHILLY VOTERS! Still haven't voted yet? This thread will list all the options you have to vote, from now until 8PM on Election Day (which is Tuesday)! Continue reading

Newsletter: Recovery Streets Platform 🚘💥🚗 Help Fix Washington Ave 🔎 Look Up Your New Polling Place

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 113 Primary elections are now on June 2nd due to COVID-19 -- request your mail-in ballot today and get it in by next Tuesday, May 26th! SUPPORT THE RECOVERY STREETS PLATFORM Continue reading

Newsletter: Q&A w/ ⭐Vanessa McGrath⭐ Endorsed State Rep Candidate for 175th | 🛣️ Our FOMO for Open Streets During COVID | 🚘💥🚗 Spiking Road Fatalities

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 112 Primary elections are now on June 2nd due to COVID-19 -- request your mail-in ballot today! 📫 DID YOUR MAIL-IN BALLOT ARRIVE? Many of our members got ours in the mail last week! Continue reading

Newsletter: Our 2020 Candidate Endorsements | 🌰 Permanent Changes to Chestnut St | 🚲 Free Bikes for Essential Workers | 🎤Zoom Q&A with Nikil Saval

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 111 ENDORSEMENTS 5th Square is pleased to announce our 2020 endorsements for PA State House! The primary election is coming up on June 2nd and we are encouraging everyone to maintain social distancing by requesting their mail-in ballot today. Continue reading

Newsletter: 📤 Winning Fair Fares in 2020 | 📫 Sign up to Vote by Mail | 🛣️ Opening Space for People on our Streets |

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 110 ACTION 🚇 Sign TODAY to Support our Fair Fares Agenda! 🚍 Continue reading

Endorsements for 2020 State Representative

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, April 22, 2020 5th Square is proud to announce its endorsement for the following candidates for State Representative in this year's 2020 Democratic primary elections. Vanessa McGrath for the 175th District Malcolm Kenyatta for the 181st District Brian Sims for the 182nd District Elizabeth Fiedler for the 184th District Morgan Cephas for the 192nd District Darisha K. Parker for the 198th District Continue reading

Newsletter: 📣 Our Fair Fares Platform 🚇🚍🚆 | April Virtual Meet-Up 🤝 | Improving Public Input During a Pandemic ✋

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 109 ACTION 🚇🚍🚆 Last week 5th Square released our 2020 Fair Fares Platform and we want you to show your support to help win these important changes when SEPTA votes this May. Continue reading

Newsletter: 🚨 Tell Congress to Save Transit 🚨 | 📮 Sign Up to Vote by Mail | 🚴🏽🏃🏿 MLK Drive Open to the People

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 108 ACTION: Save Public Transportation! Contact your members of Congress and tell them to save public transportation Continue reading

Newsletter: Free Transfers WIN | Politics From Home: Vote By Mail + Take the Census 💻 | Mobility During Coronavirus 🏃‍♀️

Weekly Newsletter, Issue 107 EVENTS Out of an abundance of caution, 5th Square is indefinitely postponing all our scheduled events and meet-ups.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to resume these meetings soon! Continue reading