2019 Press Coverage

December 17, 2019
PlanPhilly - "South Philadelphia developer resists calls for more parking, promises grocery store"

November 29, 2019
Pittsburgh CityPaper - "Pittsburgh’s free holiday parking policy may not be as great as it seems"

November 23, 2019
Philadelphia Magazine - "Will Philly Ever Get Its Act Together on Street Sweeping?"

November 4, 2019
Philadelphia Neighborhoods - "Old City: City Council Candidates Vie for 5th Square Endorsements"

October 10, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - 5th Square Opinion "Philly needs to reboot street cleaning program"

October 9, 2019
PlanPhilly - 5th Square Opinion "It’s time to test a car-free Chestnut Street"

September 12, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - "Philly blesses worshipers with free parking, eliciting cyclists’ Old Testament wrath"

August 16, 2019
South Philly Review - "Will the Grays Ferry Ave. Bridge feature two protected bike lanes or not?"

August 6, 2019
PlanPhilly - "Grays Ferry Bridge is scary for cyclists and PennDOT’s rebuild won’t solve the problem"

July 9, 2019
Philadelphia Magazine - "The Beautiful Weirdness of Philly, One House Picture at a Time"

July 5, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - "At city pools, a ‘why not?' attitude can lead to simple but meaningful improvements"

June 22, 2019
Philadelphia Magazine - "Philly Politics Is a Mess. Here’s Why That’s Encouraging."

May 20, 2019
Star - "Here’s how to improve pedestrian safety along Kensington’s Frankford Avenue business corridor, according to 5th Square"

May 19, 2019
Philly Talks Climate - "Who to vote for on May 21st?"

May 7, 2019
BillyPenn - "The procrastinator’s guide to the May 2019 primary election in Philly"

May 3, 2019
The Philadelphia Citizen - "Who's Running for City Council?"

May 3, 2019
6ABC Philadelphia - "Building it Better Together: How SEPTA plans to improve mass transit in Philadelphia"

May 2, 2019
6ABC Philadelphia - "Building It Better Together: Challenges facing mass transit in Philadelphia region"

April 19, 2019
BillyPenn - "Want to host a block party? After changes last year, Philly's permit process has glitches"

April 18, 2019
Philadelphia Magazine - "Here’s What Philly’s New Leaf Blower Street Sweeping Program Looks Like"

April 18, 2019
PlanPhilly - “Drivers from these gentrifying Philly neighborhoods get the most parking tickets"

April 17, 2019
BillyPenn - "Philadelphia’s new version of street sweeping is…dusty"

April 16, 2019
NBC 10 Philadelphia - "Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Wants to Blow Away Trash in Litter-Heavy Neighborhoods"

April 16, 2019
6ABC Philadelphia - "New street sweeping program tackles litter in Philadelphia"

April 15, 2019
PlanPhilly - “Philly names 6 neighborhoods for street cleaning experiment"

April 11, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - "It’s time to pedestrianize the Italian Market"

April 5, 2019
Curbed Philadelphia - "Neighbors raise concerns over apartment project’s impact on Italian Market"

April 4, 2019
PlanPhilly - “Congestion pricing floated as fix for Pa. transit funding crisis"

April 3, 2019
PlanPhilly - “Could a driveway kill the Italian Market?"

March 18, 2019
Technically Philly - “Have a look at SEPTA Key’s revamped website in beta mode"

February 19, 2019
The Temple News - “Temple alumna runs for West Philly City Council seat"

February 21, 2019
Philadelphia Public Record - "POLS ON THE STREET: And They’re Off! Candidates Seize Clipboards"

February 8, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - 5th Square Opinion - “Philly can’t achieve Vision Zero without change at PennDot“

February 7, 2019
The Philadelphia Inquirer - “Go ahead, cross in the middle of the block — if you dare“

January 29, 2019
Curbed Philadelphia - "Developer wants to bring 31-story apartment tower to Society Hill"