Primary Endorsements - 2024 PA State Legislature Races

Friday, March 15, 2024

5th Square is proud to announce its endorsement for the following candidates for the 2024 Pennsylvania primary elections.

  • Nikil Saval for the 1st Senate District
  • Cass Green for the 10th House District
  • Marylouise Isaacson for the 175th House District
  • Joe Hohenstein for the 177th House District
  • Malcolm Kenyatta for the 181st House District
  • Ben Waxman for the 182nd House District
  • Elizabeth Fiedler for the 184th House District
  • Tarik Khan for the 194th House District
  • Andre Carroll for the 201st House District

For updated information, visit our 2024 Election Center page

5th Square issued questionnaires to candidates for PA state legislature with districts in Philadelphia. These candidates will best represent our mission to make Philadelphia a more accessible, transit-friendly city for everyone. 5th Square's membership overwhelmingly voted to approve these endorsements.

Nikil Saval is the incumbent Senator of the the 1st Senate District covering parts of Center City, the Riverwards, South and Southwest Philly.  He is a father, husband, writer, and organizer. Saval has focused his legislative work on critical response to Pennsylvania’s ongoing housing, mass incarceration, wage, and climate crises, while simultaneously pushing for deep structural change so that communities across the Commonwealth have the resources and support they need to thrive.

One of his important legislative victories is the groundbreaking Whole-Home Repairs Program, which establishes a one-stop shop for home repairs and weatherization in each county in Pennsylvania while building up a local workforce and creating new, family-sustaining jobs in a growing field. In his tenure in office, he has secured millions of dollars for pedestrian walkways, bike paths and cycling trails, parks, and commercial corridors; supported legislation extending speed cameras; supported funding increases for SEPTA; and won millions for the construction of new affordable housing units in the City and throughout Pennsylvania.

Cass Green is running for State Representative of the 10th House District which includes Mantua, Powelton, and parts of University City and Logan Square. She has spent her life serving the West Philadelphia and Kensington communities. She co-founded the Mill Creek Community Partnership to revitalize the Mill Creek community through community based-initiatives, urban redevelopment, economic empowerment and accessible innovative programming. She would be one of very few renters in the Pennsylvania House and personally recognizes the necessity of improved pedestrian and cyclist safety to communities of color.

Marylouise Isaacson has represented the 175th House District since 2019, covering Old City, Society Hill, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, and North Philadelphia. She has worked endlessly to bring home state funding to the district to enable many projects and renovations in support of 5th Square's core values and mission. She is supportive of increasing state funding for transportation, publicly-owned and operated infrastructure, a transition to a green economy, bike and pedestrian infrastructure investments, the creation of transit-oriented communities and affordable housing.

Joe Hohenstein has represented the 177th House District since 2019, covering Fishtown, Port Richmond, Bridesburg, and Frankford. He comes from a 5th generation Frankford family, was a regular transit commuter for years into his adult life and grew up singing “You Can’t Get to Heaven on the Frankford El.” He is a strong supporter of investment in public transit, implementing city planning that is more people-centered, and supporting housing policies that make a baseline quality (and enjoyment) of life attainable for everyone.

Malcolm Kenyatta has represented the 181st House District since 2019, covering parts of North Philadelphia. He is a barrier-breaking public figure, becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ person of color and one of the youngest members elected to the PA General Assembly. Since he got to Harrisburg, he has been an unyielding advocate of our shared priorities, utilizing the bully pulpit, committee meetings and the budget process to secure investments that make our cities greener, more affordable, more accessible for all.

Ben Waxman is the incumbent representative of Center City’s 182nd District, serving the highest concentration of all public transit users, and the most densely-packed public transit zone in Pennsylvania. He is an ardent supporter of transit funding, sponsoring HB 902 which seeks to remedy the capital budget shortfall, allowing local governments to assess new fees or taxes to fund transportation. As a resident of Center City, he sees the value in and is a proponent of dense, walkable neighborhoods across the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth Fiedler serves as the incumbent Representative from South Philly’s 184th District. She is the parent of two young children, a strong supporter of public education, a strong advocate for making our streets safe for everyone, and for investing in public space including parks. She stands against the I-95 highway expansion that would bring more high-speed traffic, noise and air pollution, and reduce green space in Philadelphia. She is a strong advocate for sufficient and reliable funding for SEPTA, which she has advocated for in Harrisburg and will continue to!

Tarik Khan serves as the incumbent Representative from Northwest Philly’s 194th District, serving Manayunk, Roxborough, East Falls, Andorra, and Chestnut Hill. He is a nurse, community activist, and proud Philadelphian with deep roots. His advocacy and legislative agenda align with the values supported by 5th Square, encompassing safer roads, more livable communities, enhanced public transit, increased affordable housing, and various initiatives aimed at elevating the quality of life for all Philadelphians. He is a proud sponsor of legislation for increasing transit funding, speed cameras, and municipal zoning reform to allow in-fill development of affordable housing.

Andre Carroll is running for Northwest Philly's 201st District covering East Germantown, Ogontz, and West Oak Lane. He is a criminal justice advocate and former educator born and raised in Philadelphia. He believes strongly in prioritizing the most vulnerable roadway users: pedestrians, bikers, and people who are working paycheck to paycheck. Building a system that enables everyone to travel the way they feel most comfortable will allow for more sustainable ways to travel rather than forcing everyone to drive a car. He is also an advocate for fully funding public transportation.