Act 40 is not the solution to our Region’s Transit Woes

"For years, we have known about the impending transit funding cliff facing SEPTA and other agencies across our Commonwealth. Without help from Harrisburg, riders in our region will face massive service cuts and fare increases in the coming months. Stranding thousands of riders, worsening traffic congestion, and hampering Pennsylvania’s economic recovery from COVID", says 5th Square Chair, Steph Davis.

"Pennsylvanians who depend on frequent and reliable service from SEPTA did not ask lawmakers in Harrisburg for Act 40. A politically-motivated attack on Philly's democratically-elected District Attorney does not help SEPTA, its workers, or the nearly 700,000 riders who rely on the regional transit system every week."

"5th Square calls on Governor Shapiro and the Pennsylvania Legislature to work together and immediately address SEPTA’s $240 million operating deficit, so that we can avoid service cuts that will harm the health, safety, and livelihoods of Pennsylvanians."

"It's been and continues to be a long fight for scraps. We are tired of hand holding with state leadership only to get a rubber duck when we are asking for a life preserver."