⭐🏆⭐ Announcing Our 2020 Urbanist Award Winners!

Thank you to everyone who attended our year-end Holiday Party and Urbanist Awards ceremony.

We are giving one last shout-out to all the nominees and the winners from the night's awards ceremony. We want to thank each one of the following nominees for their outstanding contributions to Philadelphia’s urbanist movement in 2020!

A huge thanks to our distinguished guest speaker Dr. Paul Farber, Director of Monument Lab for talking about 2020 as a year in public space and talking about the work of Monument Lab, a public art and history studio based in Philadelphia that facilitates critical conversations around the past, present, and future of monuments.

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🚍 Urbanist Changemaker of the Year


  • Marisa Denker (Co-Director and Co-Founder of Connect the Dots)
  • Nikil Saval (Senator-elect, First Senate District, Pennsylvania)



🛴 City Staffer of the Year


  • Lily Reynolds (Deputy Director, Complete Streets at City of Philadelphia)
  • Seth Bluestein (Chief Deputy Commissioner at the Office of City Commissioner)


  • City staff that facilitated outdoor dining: Mike Carroll, Rich Montanez, Justine Bolkus, Joshua Stratton-Rayner, Kristin Del Rossi, Sarah Adamo, Dave Munson, Alex Smith, Eryn Santamoor (Office of Councilmember Domb)

    This is the team that facilitated the city's outdoor dining options by advocating and creating guidelines to 1) allow outdoor dining by-right, citywide; 2) allow extension of outdoor dining privileges to neighboring property; 3) allow dining in the parking lane; 4) allow outdoor dining in vacant/parking lots; 5) allow street closures for outdoor dining.

    This team consists of OTIS, Streets, Commerce, Planning and L+I from the administration, and people who led the efforts on the legislative side.


🚲 Neighborhood RCO Champion


  • Andrew Ortega (East Kensington Neighbors Association)
  • Jonas Maciunas (Garden Court Community Association)


  • Larissa Mogano and Monica Allison (Cobbs Creek Neighborhood Association)

    Larissa and Monica have been major neighborhood advocates fighting for their neighbors in the Cobbs Creek Section of West Philly. Their work on bringing support to Cobbs Creek road safety improvements pushed it over the edge and brought substantial changes during a critical year of traffic violence.


🏙️ Best Development of the Year


  • Philly Office Retail - Blaisdell Pencil Factory, Wayne Junction


  • Front Flats - Onion Flats

    Green, transit-oriented, and energy-producing 28-unit apartment building in Fishtown/Kensington, reviewed by Inga Saffron.


🏆 5th Square Volunteer of the Year


  • Steph Davis

    Because it's Steph! She does all of the behind the scenes work to keep 5th Square moving smoothly, always lends a helping hand and she gets stuff done. A constant cheerleader, tireless worker leading our organizing and elections committee, and she spearheaded our 2020 SEPTA facemask campaign.


🚇 Urbanist Media Champion


  • Inga Saffron (Architecture Critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Michaela Winberg (Billy Penn / PlanPhilly)


  • Patricia Madej (Transportation Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

    Pat worked hard all year to provide detailed policy reporting on the issues that mattered for transit, safe streets, and transportation funding in PA and Philadelphia. She also moderated events held by 5th Square and partners this year as a trusted intermediary and for this she deserves our thanks!

💩 NIMBY Anti-Hero



The competition was fierce this second year of our awards and we thank all our well-deserved nominees and winners for participating!