⚠️ACTION ALERT⚠️ Tell SEPTA we need a better fare structure

NOW is our chance to win a better, more equitable, fare structure for riders in our region, and we need your help.

SEPTA only revisits its fares once every three years, and the time to make noise is NOW!


  1. Sign our Fair Fares Platform Petition, which we will submit to SEPTA to demonstrate support for a better, more equitable, fare structure.

  2. Tell SEPTA that you support "5th Square's Fair Fares Platform" and how our platform would directly benefit you as a transit rider (see sample comment in the next section).

    The Agency has provided multiple ways to do this:

Comments must be received by Sunday, May 31, 2020.

We are also looking for people willing to speak on behalf of 5th Square in a more formal capacity at the first virtual fare hearing.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer by replying to this email and we can provide you with talking points.


Hello, this is [Name] from [Neighborhood] commenting in support of 5th Square's Fair Fares Platform.

I want to thank SEPTA for its proposal to restructure fares in the right direction, the free transfer, $1 child fare, and Three-Day Convenience Pass will undoubtedly benefit my fellow transit riders and me.

Before the COVID pandemic, I was a regular transit rider and believe that more is needed to get me riding again once the crisis clears.

Unlimited free transfers within a 2-hour window, free rides for children 12 and under, fare capping, and accepting TransPass on Zone 1 Regional Rail are all smart steps and enormous incentives to getting me back.



  • As a rider that regularly requires multiple transfers, if SEPTA offered unlimited transfers within a 2-hour window, I would undoubtedly save both time and money in my travels.

  • As a rider who cares for children, free rides for kids 12 and under would greatly encourage my family to use SEPTA as a family instead of driving or using a ride-hailing service. It would also decrease the hassle of having to have $1 exact cash fare for each child I travel with.

  • As a rider who finds it difficult to pay and plan for a TransPass upfront, fare capping would greatly encourage me to ride more knowing that for a given time period SEPTA will not charge more than a set amount. Fare capping will also allow me to pay for the cost of a TransPass over time, which is much more financially manageable.

  • As a rider who lives near a Zone 1 Regional Rail station, I find myself taking slower, but more affordable, city transit service to get where I'm going. Accepting TransPass on Zone 1 Regional Rail rides would be a huge incentive for me to use this service more, with a huge improvement on my travel times and ride comfort.


SEPTA's fare restructuring proposal has already taken some steps in the right direction, offering:

  • One free transfer within 90 minutes for riders using SEPTA Key (subsequent transfers are $1).
  • $1 fares for children ages 5 to 11 (cash only).
  • A new Three-Day Convenience Pass valid for 72 hours.

The Agency needs to go further to build a system that works for riders of all ages and incomes. Getting this right is an important part of rebuilding ridership after COVID-19.

We have proposed our 2020 Fair Fares Platform for SEPTA, which include:

  • Unlimited free transfers within 2 hours for riders using SEPTA Key
  • Free rides for all children 12 and under.
  • Fare capping limiting how much a rider pays per month or week to the cost of a monthly or weekly pass.
  • Accept TransPass on Zone 1 Regional Rail.

With your help, we can WIN a better, more equitable fare structure for all riders in our region.