Questionnaire Responses - 2022 PA State Legislature Races

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📋 Questionnaire Responses

Thank you to all of the 2022 Pennsylvania State Legislature candidates who took the time to complete our questionnaire. Candidate responses are listed below and are published upon receipt.

Pennsylvania State Senate

District 8 [Map*]

Paul Prescod (D)


Pennsylvania House of Representatives

District 10 [Map*]

Cassandra Green (D)

District 175 [Map*]

Marylouise Isaacson (D)

District 177 [Map*]

Joseph Hohenstein (D)

District 182 [Map*]

Will Gross (D)

Jonathan Lovitz (D)

Ben Waxman (D)

District 184 [Map*]

Elizabeth Fiedler (D)

District 188 [Map*]

Rick Krajewski (D)

District 194 [Map*]

Tarik Khan (D)

District 200 [Map*]

Janay Hawthorne (D)

District 201 [Map*]

Andre Carroll (D)


*NOTE: As of 02/04/2022 PA state House and Senate maps have been redrawn, see the new maps here.