5th Square Endorses Good Cause Legislation (City Council Resolution No. 170854)

Penn Wynn House in West Philadelphia, where over 60 tenants were evicted in May 2017

5th Square is proud to announce our endorsement for the Good Cause Eviction legislation pending before City Council (City Council Resolution No. 170854).

Good Cause is a crucial amendment to our existing tenants' protection laws, which will prevent thousands of Philadelphians from facing wrongful evictions at the end of their lease terms.

Philadelphia has lost over one-fifth of its affordable housing since the year 2000. In some neighborhoods, eviction affects up to 15% of renters each year.

This epidemic directly targets our most vulnerable citizens. Two-thirds of those evicted each year are women of color. Having children increases chances of eviction by 300%. This needs to end, and Good Cause is a solid first step in bringing this crisis to a halt.

We look forward to working with the Philadelphia Tenant’s Union and supporting their tremendous work strengthening rental protections in Philadelphia.