Candidate Blogging: Doug Oliver On Repurposing Street Space to Better Meet Transportation Needs

DougOliver.jpgTwo weeks ago we sent The 5th Square 2015 Candidate Questionnaire to all candidates for City Council and Mayor. In that questionnaire we gave the option for candidates to reach out directly to voters via our blog. 9 different topics were offered. Below please find Doug Oliver's response to Topic 4. For the list of other topics offered and the entirety of Oliver's responses to our Candidate Questionnaire, please see the link to the PDF at the bottom of this post.

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Doug Oliver On Repurposing Street Space to Better Meet Transportation Needs 

Author: Doug Oliver

For sheer volume of traffic, there is no street in greater need of attention than the Roosevelt Boulevard. Whether it’s through redesign, traffic calming measures, additional public transit, or some combination of the three—the Boulevard is in serious need of a new plan.

Secondly, of course there are several streets in Center City in need of repurposing, but I would begin with and East/West greenway for bicycles and pedestrians--an auto-free street to get from river to river. I believe this will not only reduce accidents, but increase pedestrian tourism, outside of the historic old city.

Finally—and this may be cheating—I’d work to raise the capital ‘repurpose’ I-95 (at Penn’s Landing), 676, and the 30th Street rail yard by decking these man-made canyons with public space and new development.


For the rest of Doug Oliver's Candidate Questionnaire, please click the link below:

Candidate Questionnaire - Doug Oliver (D) Mayoral Candidate