Endorsements for 2020 State Representative

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

5th Square is proud to announce its endorsement for the following candidates for State Representative in this year's 2020 Democratic primary elections.

  • Vanessa McGrath for the 175th District
  • Malcolm Kenyatta for the 181st District
  • Brian Sims for the 182nd District
  • Elizabeth Fiedler for the 184th District
  • Morgan Cephas for the 192nd District
  • Darisha K. Parker for the 198th District

5th Square issued questionnaires to all candidates for PA state representative with districts in Philadelphia. After reviewing candidates' issue positions, and considering other factors such as electability, we felt these candidates will best represent our mission to make Philadelphia a more accessible, transit-friendly city for everyone. 5th Square's membership overwhelmingly voted to approve these endorsements.

Vanessa McGrath is a lawyer and promising first-time candidate running in the 175th District serving parts of Center City and the Riverwards. She has prioritized transportation as one of her key issues, calling for it to be affordable, accessible, and safe. She looks forward to taking up 5th Square’s issues in her duties as State Representative, fighting for the safety of pedestrians, bikers, motorists, anyone that chooses to travel in, through, and around our great Commonwealth.

Malcolm Kenyatta is one of Philly’s most exciting young political leaders, who has a clear passion for serving the people of North Philadelphia. We appreciated his commitment to transit as a force for equity and accessibility in the 181st District. He states, “The decisions we make about the livability of cities impacts those on the margins the most.” This will be 5th Square’s second time endorsing Malcolm and we look forward to his reelection to a second term.

Brian Sims is the incumbent Representative from Center City’s 182nd District, serving the highest concentration of all public transit users, and the most densely packed public transit zone in Pennsylvania. He has taken on the responsibility of educating his colleagues about the realities that urbanist economic, transportation, immigration, workforce, and equality legislation all have the highest potential to positively impact citizens, both here and across the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth Fiedler serves as the Representative from South Philly’s 184th District. She is a strong advocate for safe streets and is extremely supportive of 5th Square’s transit priorities. She states, “I support increased and reliable funding for SEPTA, a comprehensive bus network redesign, free SEPTA rides for children under 12, dedicated road space for buses and trolleys, making major arteries safer for everyone (pedestrians, public transit riders, drivers, cyclists) expanding high frequency rapid transit and the investment in more homes and jobs near public transit routes.”

Morgan Cephas is the incumbent Representative from West Philly’s 192nd District. She grew up in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia understanding the importance of accessible, reliable and affordable transportation for working families. She has introduced legislation to increase fines for individuals running traffic signals and for vehicles passing trolley cars on the wrong side. Additionally, she has supported both capital and planning grants to add traffic calming measures along several corridors in her district.

Darisha K. Parker is the most qualified candidate running for the 198th District serving North and Northwest Philadelphia. As the Legislative Assistant for Representative Rosita Youngblood, she has the necessary experience to serve this district well. She supports speed enforcement cameras on Roosevelt Blvd. - which runs through her district - and its expansion to other High Injury Network streets.  She is also an ardent supporter of Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation Centers.