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$5,585.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00


The stakes for livability in this election couldn't be higher.

Philadelphia cannot afford to take four years off from the progress we've made on livable streets, multimodal transportation, and smart land use during the Nutter administration.

There are 17 city council races up and a growing field of candidates vying to be Philadelphia's next mayor, and there are some real retrograde candidates in the mix who would be disastrous on the issues we care about.

Fortunately, a little money and a little shoe leather goes a long way in a competitive election, and together, we can help provide the winning margin for candidates who get it, and edge out those who don't.

We need your financial support, whatever you can manage, to start to cut through the noise and put our values and our issues front and center.

Raising our first $5000 as an organization will allow us to put the foundation in place to raise much more money, reach a much wider circle of voters, and make an even bigger impact for issues like protected bike lanes, walkable neighborhoods, and high-quality public spaces that we all care about.