Petition: Mayor Kenney, Make SEPTA Free on Election Day!

Photo: Jeff Fusco / Philly Mag

Mayor Kenney, City Council, and SEPTA:

Let's join other major cities including Dallas, Houston, Tampa, and the Twin Cities and offer complimentary public transit on election day. Let's help Philadelphians make a voting plan that includes SEPTA. 

We know that not only getting to the polls can be challenging in Philadelphia, but many people also have long and expensive commutes on SEPTA to work and/or to drop their children off to daycare and schools, and getting to the polls may require an extra trip or two.

One poll showed thirty-eight percent of youth of color said that lacking transportation played a minor or major role in their choice not to vote, whereas just 27 percent of young white non-voters said the same.

By making SEPTA free to riders for the day, we can help ease the burden to make voting more convenient, create a culture that values voting from the highest levels of City government on down, and make sure Philadelphians get to the polls in a critical midterm election year when the city's interests are on the line in Harrisburg and Washington. 

This November 6th, let's make it easier than ever to vote by funding free SEPTA for all on Election Day!

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