PennDOT: Don’t Widen I-95

We oppose PennDOT’s proposed widening and ramp expansions of I-95 in Center City and South Philly.

This project threatens the well-being of our neighborhoods by worsening air quality, increasing noise pollution, and harming our access to the waterfront. This project also induces demand for car travel which will result in more traffic pouring into neighborhood streets.

We urge PennDOT to prioritize sustainable, equitable solutions that enhance public transportation, pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure, and green spaces.

Together, we stand against the I-95 expansion and advocate for a more sustainable and equitable future for Philadelphia.

Sign here to Tell PennDOT: Don’t Widen I-95 in Center City and South Philly. We will also let you know about future actions and public engagement around this project.


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