9th and Washington Civic Design Review - No 9th Street Driveway!

Come to the Civic Design Review at the Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 7th at 1:00 pm to ask Midwood, the developers at 9th and Washington, to move their parking garage driveway onto Washington Ave. This project is first on the CDR docket at 1:00 pm.

Councilman Mark Squilla has now joined neighbors calling to move the driveway, to preserve the option for pedestrian hours in the 9th Street Italian Market. If a driveway goes in on 9th Street for a garage with hundreds of resident cars parked inside, it will be impossible to pilot dedicated pedestrian hours in the lower Market. 

Squilla introduced a zoning overlay on Thursday that would prevent driveways on 9th Street with the goal of putting pedestrians first, and allowing for pedestrian hours:

WHEREAS, The South 9thStreet Italian Market is the oldest continuously operating outdoor market in the United States.

WHEREAS, The safety, ease, and comfort of people walking on sidewalks in the South 9thStreet Italian Market is critical to the commercial success of the market.

WHEREAS, The preservation of the option to close South 9thStreet to motor vehicle traffic during specific hours at a future time is a prudent planning and economic development strategy; now therefore,

Any Curb Cut for vehicle access shall be prohibited for all properties ... abutting South Ninth (9th) Street from Catherine Street to Federal Street.

But because the zoning permit has already been issued to Midwood, the developer wouldn't be bound by Squilla's overlay, only future developments.

That's why we need people to show up on Tuesday to try and persuade Midwood to get on board with the vision for pedestrian hours and change their proposal with the driveway on Washington. So far Midwood has shown no interest in changing their plans since the first CDR meeting, and resubmitted the same proposal again with the driveway still on 9th. 

Come out on Tuesday and help us convince Midwood to do better. We'll send out another email with talking points for the Civic Design Review meeting before Tuesday.

Making signs for Tuesday's meeting is encouraged! Send us your best sign ideas at [email protected] and we'll share them with the group.

Matthew Goldberg Peter Hecht Jen Honovic Herczeg Cynthia Crumlish

Will you come?