Tell City Council: Philly Needs Low-Income SEPTA Fares

We urge City Council to approve the proposed zero-fare pilot for low-income Philadelphians and to expand its eligibility in the 2024 City Budget.

No rider should be left behind just because they can’t afford to use SEPTA.

SEPTA is essential for many Philadelphians, and fares should not prevent people from accessing jobs, school, healthcare, and other services. 

A 2019 Pew study found that Philadelphians paid more for commuting, as a percentage of their income, than those in other major cities due to our high poverty rate. LA, Seattle, and NYC already have similar low-income fare programs.

Supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in our city by increasing transit access deserves our highest priority. The pilot also benefits SEPTA by encouraging ridership and by providing a reliable revenue source for its operating budget.

Under the mayor’s budget proposal, $31 million would provide transit passes to 25,000 Philadelphians living at or near the federal poverty line – $13,590 annually for individuals and $27,750 for a family of four. A person making the minimum wage in Philadelphia earns $15,080 annually and would not qualify for this program.

Public transportation should be a lifeline, not a barrier, to Philadelphians

Tell City Council to approve the proposed low-income fare pilot for Philadelphians and to push for its expansion to cover more low-income workers.



  • Transit Forward Philadelphia

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