Make Outdoor Dining on Streets & Sidewalks Permanent

Tell Council TODAY to put people before parking spaces.

City Council is considering a bill that would make permanent the current permitting process for outdoor dining on streets and sidewalks. Contact them today to tell them to vote YES on this bill.

We need you to email & call

Please include your name and home address with your email so that your councilmember can identify you as a constituent.

The legislation already has the support of Coucilmembers Domb, Gilmore-Richardson, Henon, Parker, Green, Johnson, Brooks, and Gauthier.  We are looking to convince a few last holdouts to get this passed through council.

Sample email text:

Dear Councilmember,

As your constituent, I urge you to vote YES on the bill to make permanent the new permitting process for streeteries and sidewalk cafes.

Facing the realities of our changing climate, our city needs to prioritize our limited outdoor space for people over cars. Our streets are far more valuable as genuine destinations rather than parking spots.

The lively and vibrant street space of Philadelphia is our competitive advantage over the suburbs and we need to make sure that people continue to have a reason to visit our shops and restaurants.

The old approval process was also cumbersome and inequitable, with only the most well-resourced and politically-savvy businesses acquiring permits for outdoor seating.

The changes have also allowed struggling small businesses to survive through expanded seating capacity -- we should not be taking this away from them now. With the recent resurgence of COVID-19, many diners and shoppers will remain hesitant of visiting indoor spaces.