Map: Low-hanging fruit on the Vision Zero High Injury Network

Philadelphia’s process for adding traffic calming devices like speed cushions has some high hurdles for neighbors, but did you know you can request an all-way stop sign by simply writing a letter? While it doesn’t guarantee a new stop sign will be installed, your letter serves as legal notification of dangerous street conditions. The request triggers Philadelphia Streets Department to conduct a safety study, and legally obliges them to follow the results of the study.

To help scale this process to reach more Philadelphians, 5th Square volunteers Christopher Cramer and Aaron Bauman have combined High Injury Network data with “intersection control” data - ie. stop signs and traffic lights - to help identify corridors that could benefit from additional traffic controls.

Click to view an interactive map of "conventional" intersections, where cross-traffic does not stop, on the High Injury Network.

"Conventional" intersections"

The above is a map of intersections with existing traffic lights or all-way stop signs and the High Injury Network. Click to view an interactive map.

Philadelphia’s High Injury Network “identifies corridors with the highest rates of fatalities and severe injuries per mile. The 12% of Philadelphia streets making up the High Injury Network account for 50% of of all traffic deaths and severe injuries. One of the most prominent and tangible artifacts to come out of the City’s Vision Zero Task Force, the High Injury Network can help us drive decision making around street safety improvements.

For example, we found two intersecting segments on the High Injury Network in at Castor and Tuilp in Port Richmond that would be a great candidate for an all-way stop:

Or how about this complex, 5-way intersection at 10th, Indiana, and Germantown?

Can you think of some problem intersections in your neighborhood? Email [email protected] your suggestions. We’ve also published an all-way stop-sign request template to make the process as easy as possible. Planning to send a letter? Email [email protected] to let us know, as we might be able to be helpful.

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