Map: 100+ Urbanist Candidates Running for Committee Person

This year, Philadelphia voters will elect thousands of new Committee People to the Democratic and Republican parties in Philadelphia. Committee People are elected volunteers who make up the base of the local party 
organizations and these can be powerful neighborhood leadership positions. This year, there are over 100 urbanist candidates running for these positions, and they need your support.

We reviewed the list of candidates appearing on the ballot in the May 15th primary, and are recommending over 100 candidates for Democratic City Committee who have previously shown interest in our mission or urbanist issues in Philadelphia like better transit, safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists, and zoning reform.

Find your block on the map below to see if there is a recommended committee person candidate running where you live. And visit our blog over the next few weeks to read Q&A responses from several of these candidates talking about the issues in their neighborhoods.

Are you a candidate for committee person who supports our mission but isn't on this map? Send us an email at [email protected]