May Meet-up: Join Your RCO!

This Thursday May 14, join us for a discussion all about Philadelphia’s Registered Community Organization (RCO) system, and why people who want better transportation and planning politics need to join their RCOs.

Make a difference in your neighborhood! At our first Join Your RCO event, we’ll be introducing 5th Square members and interested community members to Philadelphia’s Registered Community Organization (RCO) system.  Learn about why this is such an important area of housing and transportation politics for urbanists to get involved in, and hear from neighborhood leaders who are making progress through local volunteer leadership.

We plan to run this event a few times a year to inform and engage supporters of housing and transportation reform on this aspect of local politics, and encourage participants to get involved. 


Inga Saffron - Philadelphia Inquirer


Matt Ruben - Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association

Andy Toy - Logan Square Neighborhood Association

Angela Reason and Marc Reason - Overbrook Park Civic Association


If you are active with your RCO and are interested in speaking at a future event please get in touch at [email protected].

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Will you come?