A Fix-It-First policy for PennDOT

Our state highway system is a mess, and represents an enormous mountain of liabilities into the indefinite future. The Legislature should mandate that PennDOT bring our existing roads and bridges to a state of good repair BEFORE adding a single lane-mile of new capacity.

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  • Kate Mundie
    commented 2015-11-09 12:34:58 -0500
    In most of the state a fit-it-first policy would work but in more populated areas like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia capacity design is how you can build in multi modal transportation. Capacity doesn’t always mean make it bigger for move volume it can mean reduce the size to meet capacity or slow capacity- road diet etc. If you are only repairing what you have you can lose opportunity to make good changes.
  • Kate Mundie
    tagged this with good 2015-11-09 12:34:58 -0500
  • Michael Noda
    published this page in Help 5th Square Create an Urbanist Agenda for Harrisburg in 2016 2015-11-02 06:08:04 -0500