Support Jim Kenney's Protected Bike Lanes


Philadelphia is the largest U.S. city without a single protected bike lane. But thanks to Mayor Kenney and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), that could soon change.

The effort to ensure safe, affordable modes of daily transportation got a BIG boost last week when DVRPC announced grants for 10 new protected bike lanes in the following areas:

•  Torresdale and Frankford, near Pennypack Creek
•  Race Street between 5th and 9th
•  Parkside Avenue around Fairmount Park
•  N. 33rd Street near Fairmount Park
•  Spruce/Pine Street between Front and 22nd
•  Walnut Street between 23rd and 63rd
•  30th Street between Walnut and Market
•  Lombard Street between 22nd and South Street Bridge
•  Lindbergh Boulevard between John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Bartram's Garden
•  West Passyunk and Oregon Avenue near the Schuylkill River crossing

But just because these protected bike lanes are funded, doesn't mean they're a done deal.

The City is planning a series of upcoming public meetings to collect feedback from neighbors, so you know bike lane opponents will show up.

We hear the Kenney Administration and Council are already getting calls from a small but vocal group of naysayers who wish to continue illegally parking in unprotected bike lanes because they believe a car entitles them to such perks at the expense of more vulnerable users of the street.

We must be prepared to counter such knee-jerk negativity and self-interest with a strong show of support.

If you support Mayor Kenney's protected bike lane plans, please sign this petition and share it on Facebook. 

As soon as public meetings are announced, we’ll tell you when your local meeting is happening so you can voice your support for Mayor Kenney's protected bike lanes.  

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