City Council: Keep Philly Pedestrians Safe. Pass the Protected Walkway Bill

(Photo: Michael Bryant / Philadelphia Inquirer)

Do you believe pedestrians deserve safe and open sidewalks?

Mayor Jim Kenney ran for election in 2015 pledging to increase protections for pedestrians near construction sites, and reduce excessive sidewalk closures that put people in danger.

Currently there's a bill in City Council that helps fulfill that promise by promoting more protected walkways on streets next to construction sites, like the one near The Gallery that Inquirer columnist Inga Saffron wrote about recently. The bill was introduced by Councilmembers Helen Gym, Mark Squilla, Derek Green, Allan Domb, and Jannie Blackwell. 

Sign and share this petition asking City Council to pass Bill No. 161108 if you believe pedestrian safety should come first.

This bill is a positive first step in what we hope will be a raft of pro-pedestrian Vision Zero legislation from City Council this year, including daylighting more corners and crosswalks, increasing enforcement against illegal parking, creating more mid-block crossings, and fast-tracking redesigns of notorious intersections.

Sign and share the petition on Facebook today to help us grow the coalition for safer streets, and push Bill 161108 over the line.


 (Photo: Pat Loeb / CBS3 )

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