Sept Meet-Up with Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson

5th Square, Philly's urbanist PAC and advocacy organization, hosts a regular monthly meet-up as a way to connect our volunteers, supporters, and new people interested in getting involved.

This month, we are hosting a meet-up over Zoom. You can log-in online or dial-in over the phone. RSVP and we will send you the link!

We will be welcoming special guest, Katherine Gilmore Richardson.

Katherine Gilmore Richardson is serving her first term as Councilwoman At-Large for the City of Philadelphia. Gilmore Richardson’s demonstrated track record of service and leadership within the community helped her to become the youngest woman ever elected City-wide and the youngest African American woman ever elected to Philadelphia City Council in November 2019.

As chair of the committee on the environment, she established Civilian Environmental Advisory groups focusing on issues of air quality, energy, green jobs and businesses, green space, transportation, waste, and water. Each group is tasked with centering their solutions around environmental justice. 5th Square is a participant in the transportation advisory group.

Since she took office in council, she has been vocal on our core issues of better transit, increased road safety, and improved green space - with a focus on racial equity. Look over her stellar answers to our 2019 Questionnaire for City Council Candidates and her recent editorials:

These monthly meet-ups are casual social gatherings, and are intended as a fun way for new and existing supporters to connect with other people involved with 5th Square and urbanist issues in Philadelphia, either professionally or in a volunteer/activist capacity, and learn more about what our all-volunteer organization is up to. If you've been meaning to check out one of our events or meetings but haven't made it out yet, this will be a good first one to come to. And please bring a friend or two!

Is there someone you'd like to hear from as a guest speaker in the future. Email us to suggest possible speakers or topics at [email protected]

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    Please RSVP: Sept Meet-Up with Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson
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