SEPTA January Board Meeting

At SEPTA's January meeting, the board will be considering Bus Revolution, the authority's first comprehensive redesign of its entire bus network.  This will be the final yes/no vote on the whole package after a year of delay.

We need folks to come help advocate for Bus Revolution and the need for more reliable, more frequent, and more dependable bus service.

SEPTA HQ - 1234 Market St (Mezzanine Level)
on Thursday, January 25th at 3 PM

We are seeking people to testify in support of this initiative for the reasons outlined in the Bus Revolution website.

  • While Philadelphia and its surrounding communities have changed over the last few decades, SEPTA’s bus system has remained largely the same.
  • SEPTA's ridership has been declining and the pandemic added to this issue by changing how people work and travel. It is clear that the system is still recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Improving service at non-peak travel times and on weekends would have the greatest impact on lower- income workers, who often traveling outside of the peak.
  • The number of frequent routes will increase from 33 to 44.
  • Over 1 million more people will have walking access to frequent bus routes.

We also want to push SEPTA to spend more on bus service, seeing that a majority of its riders are bus riders -- which only sees a small fraction of capital budget expenditures.

Testimony is better if it's written beforehand, and resonates better if you can give a personal story about your rider experience with it.

Comments are typically limited to 2-minutes (approximately 300 words).

Attendance can be in-person at SEPTA HQ or virtual via WebEx.

Speakers must REGISTER HERE by 9 AM the day of the event.

  • Choose "I would like to speak on an agenda item" and specify "Bus Revolution"

Board Meeting Event Page on SEPTA Website


Will you come?