'Confessions of a Recovering Engineer' w/ Guest Speaker Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns

Join 5th Square and friends for a guest talk by Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns at Philly Office Retail in Germantown.

The Strong Towns movement embraces how real people respond to the layout and function of streets and buildings, rules and zoning. It aims to grow neighborhoods by promoting prosperity and re-development without displacement.

For Philadelphia, Strong Towns offers ideas for a practical, humane and fiscally responsible antidote to gentrification and the wealth-destruction of racial redlining. 

For the suburban places, Strong Towns leverages current prosperity to prepare for future financial stress by moving toward human-centered zoning, transportation policy, and land use, instead of the failed Growth Ponzi scheme.

Whether walkable town-center or suburban sprawl, municipal governments struggle to handle the economic and human displacement caused by the lingering pandemic. The Strong Towns message is that local solutions are possible and possible. Come out to hear from Mr. Marohn, and meet like-minded people from around Germantown, Mt. Airy, and elsewhere in our city and region.

We're thankful to our hosts and event sponsors Philly Office Retail and Jumpstart Philly, whose approach to redevelopment, preservation, and community wealth-building exemplifies the kind of positive, incremental approach that Strong Towns promotes. 

IMPORTANT: This is an in-person event where vaccines are mandatory, and consistent mask coverage is a MUST

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Will you come?