Bella Vista Neighbors Association Zoning Committee Meeting on 601 Christian Street


A new mixed-use building proposed for the triangle lot at 601 Christian Street is facing some near neighbor opposition and needs your support this Tuesday.

Can you come to a public meeting this Tuesday, 12/1 at 7:30 pm at Palumbo Rec Center (10th and Fitzwater) and tell the Bella Vista zoning committee you support a mixed-use plan for this site?

While some neighbors have hoped the lot would eventually become a park, the city has repeatedly made it clear that they aren't interested in spending upwards of $500,000 to purchase the property, or paying for the major environmental remediation work that the site (which used to be a gas station) would need.

It is not a question of whether this will be a park or a building. 

The only question is what type of building this will be: a mixed-use building with ground floor retail that contributes to a lively, walkable Passyunk Avenue, or another gaudy urban McMansion that turns this area into a dead zone for pedestrians. 

Another reason this project is important to us, as public space advocates, is that the developer is potentially interested in building one of the "sneckdown" pedestrian plazas north of the development. That would help calm car traffic, increase safety, and create a town center feel for this area.


But already some near neighbors are pushing back against the idea of a retail space and more foot traffic in this area. That's why we need a good turnout from mixed-use supporters like you at this meeting to balance out the message the Bella Vista zoning committee hears.

RSVP here to attend, and we'll see you on Tuesday evening!

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Will you come?