WIN for Cobbs Creek Parkway!

We have exciting news to share about Cobbs Creek Parkway!

At a virtual stakeholder meeting hosted by Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center last Thursday, PennDOT and the Philadelphia Streets Department shared some promising plans to improve safety along Cobbs Creek Parkway.

Beyond PennDOT's existing roadway improvement plans -- they have announced a pilot, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Streets Department, deploying speed tables at a sampling of locations on Cobbs Creek Parkway. The Streets Department has said they would work install them at an accelerated timeline either this fall or next spring.

PennDOT also announced:

  • a $1.5 million grant for guide rail improvements
  • a $6 million long-term improvement project for Cobbs Creek Parkway

Some of the possibilities mentioned from this long-term improvement project were:

  • Traffic signal improvements
  • Pedestrian countdown signal heads
  • Roundabout at Spruce Street / Marshall Road
  • Pedestrian bump outs
  • Median treatments
  • Permanent raised crosswalks

We here at 5th Square, Cobbs Creek Neighbors Association, and the rest of our petition co-signers, are thrilled to hear this commitment to robust and immediate safety measures by PennDOT and the Streets Department.

While we wish these improvements had come sooner to avert the recent tragedies on this roadway, but we are heartened to hear that our concerns are being heard.

We want to acknowledge the tireless work and advocacy of the officials at the meeting who made these improvements possible:

  • Councilmember Jamie Gauthier
  • State Representative Joanna McClinton
  • State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams
  • Register of Wills Tracey Gordon

We also thank Alicia Burbage at the Cobbs Creek Environmental Center for organizing the meeting.

Read more about the current and future safety improvements to Cobbs Creek Parkway on our Press Release.

We will continue to monitor the progress on these improvements and will update you as they are installed in the near future.

We want to thank you for signing our petition and adding power to our voice calling for improvements to this very dangerous stretch of roadway.

None of this could have been possible without the support of our dedicated team of volunteers, membership sponsors and petition supporters like you.

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