Philly Mag Says South Broad Parking Enforcement is Picking Up

"Mayor Jim Kenney, a South Philly native, has been publicly noncommittal about the practice, saying that 5th Square and other supporters should win over South Philly residents before any permanent changes are made. But privately, he’s encouraged the PPA to step up its ticketing of the most egregiously misparked cars." Continue reading Interviews Mayor Kenney about South Broad Street Campaign

"Pushed to take a position, Kenney said he would prefer a 'clearer vista.'" Continue reading

The Citizen's South Broad Poll

"In partnership with BeHeardPhilly, we want to find out what people who live in South Philly really think: Should parking be permanently banned from the South Broad Street median?" Continue reading

Newsworks on South Broad Campaign

"We see a lot of crashes occur, whether it's a pedestrian that crosses and a car doesn't see them because of a parked car," [5th Square co-founder Jake] Liefer said, "or because somebody's opening a car door and there's a 35 mph car going past." Continue reading

CBS Philly on South Broad

“Cars that are trying to parallel park, in a very tiny space, right next to cars going 35 miles per hour, it’s a not a recipe for how a street should be working,” said [5th Square co-founder] Jake Liefer. Continue reading

Philly Voice on South Broad Campaign

"5th Square, a political action committee that advocates for a more 'accessible' Philadelphia, started the petition, which calls on Mayor Jim Kenney to make a more open Broad Street a reality." Continue reading

Curbed on South Broad Campaign

  "This week, for the first time in well, ever, the median on South Broad Street is completely free of parked cars, and a new petition wants to keep it that way." Continue reading

Spoke Mag Talks Traffic Safety with Us

“You can have the right policies, but if you don’t have the mindset that this is a problem that needs to be fixed, we won’t get anywhere,” says David Curtis, co-founder of 5th Square, a local political action committee focused on urban policy issues. “We need rapid intervention.” Continue reading

Streetsblog Picks Up 5th Square Rally for Protected Bike Lanes

Streetsblog picks up our rally in which we delivered more than 1,000 petition signatures for rapid protected bike lane installation to Deputy Managing Director Clarena Tolson: "Philly residents can’t wait any longer for safe bikeways... Dozens of people gathered to demand 30 miles of protected bike lanes, and soon." Continue reading

Philly Voice Attends our Rally for Protected Bike Lanes

"Protected bike lanes reduce the conflict points between motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, 5th Square co-founder David Curtis said. The result is better protection for bikers and less congestion and faster through times for motorists, despite slower top speeds." Continue reading