The Citizen Features 5th Square's Idea for "Free" SEPTA for College Students

The Philadelphia Citizen calls it an "Idea We Should Steal." Continue reading

The drive for carless streets in Philadelphia

Featuring 5th Square co-founder Jake Liefer: "For Jake Liefer the most unexpected perk of the papal visit weekend happened not on the Parkway or at Independence Hall, but in the serene streets of the city, where he got to take his 1-year-old daughter with him on their first bicycle ride together." Continue reading

Grid Magazine Features Co-Founder Geoff Kees Thompson Article on Traffic Safety and Its Biggest Threat

5th Square co-founder and Chair Geoff Kees Thompson argues that the desire to achieve consensus is an unnecessary and impossible goal that only slows the City's ability to improve traffic safety.  Continue reading

The Death of Gentrification Guilt

“Philadelphia has made tremendous progress in the decade I’ve lived here,” 33-year-old Geoff Kees Thompson wrote this winter as he introduced a new political action committee called 5th Square, which backs urbanist-friendly politicians. “What it needs now more than ever are better leaders who think progressively about our city, not retrograde candidates stuck to our decline-filled past.” Continue reading

Citified Interviews Co-Founder Jake Liefer About Washington Avenue

PhillyMag's Citfied blog interviews 5th Square co-founder and Point Breeze resident Jake Liefer about Washington Avenue. Continue reading

PlanPhilly Recaps Downtown Delivery Symposium, Notes Policy Commitments Gained in 5th Square Candidate Q&As

PlanPhilly mentions many candidates committed to exploring the option of late-night truck deliveries in the 5th Square Candidate Q&As. Continue reading

Citified Interviews Co-Founder David Curtis About Street Signs

Philadelphia Magazine's Citified blog interviews co-founder David Curtis about the confusing and inadequate street signs leading to I-676: "Someone in a car or on a bike could easily think this is a local street or maybe a winding entrance into a gated community... Then it suddenly dumps you onto three lanes of freeway traffic." Continue reading

PlanPhilly Says City Hall Parking Lot is on Life Support, Credits 5th Square

PlanPhilly reports Jim Kenney will end the practice of parking on City Hall's pedestrian plaza if elected Mayor. Continue reading

PlanPhilly Details Co-Founder Jake Liefer's Bike Crash to Illustrate Traffic Crash Reporting Problems

5th Square co-founder Jake Liefer's experience following a bike crash on Washington Avenue illustrates many problems with traffic crash reporting that can have profound ripple effects. Continue reading

Newsworks Reviews Council Races, Notes 5th Square Endorsements

Newsworks gives the rundown for every City Council candidate and notes 5th Square endorsements.  Continue reading

Generocity Tells Readers to Review Our Candidate Questionnaires Before Voting

Generocity recommends readers check our candidate Q&As, which we issued to all City Council and Mayoral candidates, before voting in the 2015 Primary.    Continue reading

Huffington Post Cites Advisory Board Member Michael Noda's Expertise In Determining Speed of Amtrak 188

5th Square Advisory Board Member Michael Noda specializes in all things transit. Huffington Post cites his early involvement in determining the speed of the Amtrak train 188 that derailed in Philadelphia in 2015. Continue reading

5th Square Mayoral Endorsee Jim Kenney Has Commanding Lead; Chair Geoff Kees Thompson Explains Why

Less than a week away from Philadelphia's May 19 primary, Chair Geoff Kees Thompson offers thoughts as to why Jim Kenney has pulled so far ahead of his competitors. Continue reading

The Citizen Highlights 5th Square as Evidence of Millennial Engagement

The Philadelphia Citizen highlights 5th Square's endorsements in the City Council and Mayoral races. Continue reading

Newsworks Covers 5th Square Endorsements at City Hall Parking Lot

"5th Square PAC (intentionally) held its event on the side of City Hall most recently known for becoming a makeshift parking lot."   Continue reading

South Philly Review On Why We Formed & Why We Support Better Urbanism

5th Square Chair Geoff Kees Thompson and Advisory Board member Karenina Wolff talk to South Philly Review about our mission and origins. Continue reading

Advisory Board Member Lily Goodspeed Interviewed by The Washington Post, Talks Millennial Voter Engagement

Voter engagement, particularly among young people, is critical to Philadelphia's future. Lily Goodspeed, a 5th Square Advisory Board member, speaks with the Washington Post about this important subject. Continue reading

Phillymag: New Philly PSA Tells Pedestrians to Get Off Their Phones

"A new campaign tells Philadelphia pedestrians — and drivers — to get off their phones and pay attention to their surroundings. But some people think pedestrians get too much blame." Continue reading

Billy Penn Highlights 5th Square in Rundown of New Philadelphia PACs

Billy Penn covers the crop of new, young PACs in Philadelphia, noting "more Millennials in Philly means more clout and influence in City Hall." Continue reading

Our Co-Founder and Chair Talks Mission & Fundraising with

Chair Geoff Kees Thompson sits down with to discuss why younger folks are getting engaged in improving Philadelphia. Continue reading

The Inquirer Interviews Chair Geoff Kees Thompson About Voter Engagement

Voter turnout in Philadelphia has reached historic lows, yet many care deeply about issues facing Philadelphians from poverty to development to quality of life. Chair Geoff Kees Thompson weighs in on voter engagement.   Continue reading

CBS Philly Talks PACs & Their Impact On Political Races Ahead

CBS Philly's Pat Loeb talks with Geoff Kees Thompson about 5th Square's political goals and the larger impact of PACs in upcoming political races.   Continue reading

Philly Voice Write About Our Candidate Domain Registrations

Philly Voice Writer Lane Blackmer writes about us registering candidate domain names. Yes it's legal. Here's why we did it. Continue reading

The Business Journal Looks Into Our Candidate Domain Names (Yes It's Legal)

Philadelphia Business Journal writes about our registered candidate domain names. Is it legal? Yes, it is. Here's why we're doing it.   Continue reading Philly Writes About Our City Council Domain Names Philly writes about us cybersquatting City Council. Please note, 5th Square does not claim to represent "New Philadelphia." We advocate for issues all of Philadelphia cares about. Continue reading

Citified Follows Up on Our Candidate Domain Names

PhillyMag's Citified blog follows up regarding our registration of political candidate domain names. Continue reading

Citified Covers Our Registration of Candidate Domain Names

Philly Mag's Citified blog writes about us registering candidate domain names.   Continue reading

National Coverage for 5th Square at StreetsBlog USA

Angie Schmitt at StreetsBlog USA gives national press to 5th Square by highlighting our goals for the 2015 elections and beyond.    Continue reading

Citified Gives 5th Square Introductory Press

Hours after officially launching, Patrick Kerkstra of PhillyMag's Citified blog gave The 5th Square some great coverage and analysis regarding our organization and the constructive role we can play in 2015 and beyond. Continue reading

5th Square Formally Launches with Announcement at This Old City

On January 12th, we formally launched 5th Square PAC on This Old City. Geoff Kees Thompson, Chair of 5th Square, talks about why people came together to form 5th Square and where it goes from here. Continue reading