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  • Gilberto Gonzalez
    commented 2018-05-13 08:32:58 -0400
    Gilberto Gonzalez
    State Representative, 181

    News Release

    *Community Activist Gilberto Gonzalez Enters Race for PA Rep in the 181st *

    *“I want to represent our community, not the powerful or the privileged.” *

    *March 9, 2018: *Community activist Gilberto Gonzalez today announced his
    candidacy to become the Democratic nominee for the 181st Pennsylvania House
    of Representatives District.

    “Growing up in the 181st District, I’ve seen the terrible consequences of
    deep poverty that have afflicted our community for generations,” he said.
    “But I’ve also seen a community that is full of pride, a strong work ethic,
    wisdom, goodness and promise.”

    “As I was deciding whether to run, I went door-to-door to meet with my
    neighbors in their living rooms, church basements, corner stores, community
    centers and libraries. Throughout this journey, my faith in the goodness
    and strength of this community was reaffirmed,” he said. “But I also heard
    about their hardships. Their struggles. How they felt abandoned by the very
    people who were supposed to represent them and bring positive change.”

    “It’s these kinds of values, and these kinds of frustrations, I want to
    represent in Harrisburg,” he said. “Not the interests of the party or the
    powerful, but those of my neighbors.”

    Over his 25 years of activism, Gil has lived this idea, focusing on
    innovative ways of building his community and lifting all those who call it

    He helped create: Girard Nights, which engaged local businesses and artists
    in revitalizing the Girard Avenue business corridor; the Pennsylvania
    Handball Association and its first citywide tournament for at-risk youth;
    and his award-winning documentaries “Cuentos” and “20G
    Heroes•Soldiers•Boricuas,” which celebrate while authentically presenting
    the complex history of a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Philadelphia.

    “Only by working together can we truly do the work necessary to lift
    everyone in our community,” he said. “Over the generations, our leaders
    have failed to do this. They have failed to show us how we can be stronger
    together, united in the pursuit of a shared prosperity.”

    “To change direction, we must now change our leaders. We must hold our
    politicians accountable for the unfulfilled promises they have made to our
    community,” he said. “This, above all, is the promise of my campaign, to
    continually listen to our community and work to bring us all together. To
    give voice to the voiceless.”

    Growing up in the District, Gil overcame difficult circumstances, including
    seeing too many of his generation killed or incarcerated. Despite these
    challenges, he completed his associate’s degree at Community College of
    Philadelphia and went on to graduate from the University of the Arts. He is
    currently co-president of the American Federation of

    Teachers Local 2026 at CCP, where he is a senior graphic designer and host
    of the college’s community television program Entre Nosotros.