🚲 Grays Ferry Bridge 🌉 Protected Bike Lane is Here!

PennDOT just finished their work on the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge and the new westbound protected bike lane looks amazing!

Remember, the original plans by PennDOT had this westbound bike lane unprotected!

Together, we were able to make this roadway safer. 

Our online petition for this protected bike lane has garnered over 600 signatures since its publication in 2019.  Since then, we got a lot accomplished:

Please join us as a member to keep the momentum going as we strive to achieve more wins in road safety, accessibility, and sustainability for our region.

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A huge THANK YOU to PennDOT, the Mayor's Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability, the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, State Reps Jordan Harris and Jim Roebuck, and to the hundreds of petition signers who pressed on and made this significant change happen!


What about connections to this new path?

We are happy to see steady progress towards safe cycling connections with this formerly-hostile bridge.

  • There is a new a jersey-barrier-protected multi-use path on the eastbound side of the Grays Ferry bridge.

  • There is work currently underway on the Schuylkill Ave Swing Bridge. This will connect Grays Ferry Ave on the South Philly side with the Schuylkill River Trail as it goes into Bartram's Garden.

All this, in addition to the proposed safety improvements to Washington Avenue will mean an unprecedented expansion of the protected bike lane network in our city and a significant improvement to roadway safety throughout our region.

In the meantime, join us as a member to support future efforts, and we will continue to update you on future advocacy opportunities for a safer, more accessible region.