Meet the Committee Person Candidates: Ellen Davis (2-8)


Ellen Davis for Democratic Committee in Ward 2, Division 8 (Passyunk Square)

Bio: Ellen Davis is a progressive running for Democratic Committee person in the 8th Division of the 2nd Ward, which encompasses the blocks between Broad, Washington, Ellsworth and 8th Street. Ellen works in the non-profit sector and is looking forward to graduating with her Master's in Social Work from Temple University this summer. In her free time, Ellen enjoys running along the Schuylkill River, volunteering at Bartram Garden's boathouse, and frequenting El Jarocho on Ellsworth and 13th. 

(Ward 2, Division 8)

1. What street in your neighborhood is most in need of improved conditions for pedestrians and people on bikes? What would you do as committeeperson to make it better? 

Both Broad St and Washington Ave border my division. Both streets have heavy traffic from cars, bikes, and buses. Currently, both are designed to mainly accommodate cars, while pedestrians and cyclists are often put in unsafe situations while crossing streets, especially at the intersection of Broad and Washington. I think it is important to push for design improvements, specifically the promotion of bike lanes and protected bike lanes along Broad and Washington Ave.  Washington Ave has bike lanes, but they are unprotected and consistently blocked by trucks. 

2. What street, public space, or building in your neighborhood has the best urbanism? What makes this space successful, however you define that? 

The neighborhood is diverse and active, which makes it an exciting place to live. Our neighborhood encompassed a small section of the Italian Market, which I think is a perfect example of great urbanism. The array of stores, restaurants and street vendors make the neighborhood a destination for all Philadelphians.   

3. How would you use this neighborhood leadership position to advance urbanist political causes in Philadelphia? 

I plan to use my role as a committee person to engage with neighbors and advocate for my neighborhood's needs. As part of that, I want to promote the safety and usability of our public spaces. From clean streets to safer and more walkable sidewalks, we can improve our neighborhood to become safe and accessible for all. This can include neighborhood trash pick-ups, walkability audits, and advocating for City-owned spaces to be well-maintained. 

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