Meet the Committee Person Candidates: Jason Tucker (15-11)


Jason Tucker for Democratic Committee Person in Ward 15, Division 11 (Francisville)


(Ward 15, Division 11)

1. What street in your neighborhood is most in need of improved conditions for pedestrians and people on bikes? What would you do as committeeperson to make it better?

The street in my neighborhood most in need of improved pedestrian and bike conditions is N.19th Street. In the last five years there has been a significant increase in traffic volume along N. 19th Street from Girard Avenue through to Spring Garden Street. 19th street is a major southbound transportation corridor.  Traffic is not limited to traditional automobiles and also includes bikes, SEPTA buses, school buses, and motorcycles. Additionally, increases in the neighborhood's population density have lead to increased pedestrian crossings and parking in dangerous locations. The intersections of 19th are under-signalized, the speed control is insufficient, and it's time to make updates to ensure the continued safety of both pediatricians and commuters. 

In order to improve these conditions, as committee person, I would lobby the Streets Department to have key intersections in my neighborhood reexamined to ensure that signage and signalization is appropriate and up to date. At appropriate locations, I would advocate for the installation of and I would also lobby the Parks and Recreation department for the immediate installation of street trees in all vacant street cutouts. 

2. What street, public space, or building in your neighborhood has the best urbanism? What makes this space successful, however you define that? 

The street in my neighborhood with the best urbanism is Fairmount Avenue. Farimount Ave. has permanent designated bike lanes, clearly signalized intersections, and wide sidewalks to accommodate for pedestrians. There are public trash cans and street trees that create and engaging and pleasant pedestrian experience.  The biggest challenge to the continued improvement to Fairmount Avenue from an urbanist standpoint is vehicle loading that impedes traffic, interferes with bike lanes and creates blind spots for pedestrians. Creating additional loading zones and limiting loading to designated time periods could help address these problems in the near term. 

3. How would you use this neighborhood leadership position to advance urbanist political causes in Philadelphia?

I would apply my leadership position to advance urbanist policies in three primary ways. 1) I will strive to increase the number of public trash receptacles on highly trafficked intersections in my neighborhood to decrease litter. 2) I would seek to full every empty curb cut out with an appropriate street tree and;  3) I would vocally advocate to minimize parking curb cuts in new developments in order to maintain and enhance to pedestrian fabric. I believe that by cleaning, greening, and  maintaining continuity of streetscape, I can improve the community and living experience in my neighborhood. 

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