Lunchtime Rally for Protected Bike Lanes


Our petition supporting Jim Kenney's plan for protected bike lanes received over 1,000 signatures, and we're getting ready to present them to the Mayor's office at a lunchtime rally this Tuesday at noon, at 15th and Spruce.

The rally is a joint event with the Bicycle Coalition, and we'll be joined by Shelly Salamon of Fairmount Bicycles and Deputy Managing Director Clarena Tolson of the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems.

Can you stop by for 30 minutes at noon? RSVP below.

In the meantime, here are three ways you can help:

1. Sign the petition if you haven't yet.
2. Already signed? Share the link on Facebook to help us reach more supporters.
3. Sign up to be a neighborhood volunteer and get involved in our initiatives to make Philadelphia's streets safer for all.

When we deliver the petitions we'll be asking the Mayor's office to start transforming our streets this year. The Streets Department's website now says it could be until 2018 before any of the promised changes take effect, and we hope this strong show of support will put that idea to bed. There is no reason this work can't begin this year.

Join us

Jake Thompson Jack Denison Garrett Hincken Matthew Wolfe Nelson Pavlosky Denis Devine Jake Liefer Randy LoBasso David Curtis William West James Decker Benjamin Harris Sara Hirschler Kate Mundie

Will you come?

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