Read the 2015 Candidates' Answers to the 5th Square Questionnaire

Questionnaire5.jpgLast week we rolled out our endorsements for Mayor and City Council.

We endorsed Jim Kenney for Mayor; Blondell Reynolds-Brown, Sherrie Cohen, Helen Gym, Paul Steinke, and Tom Wyatt for Democratic Council At-Large; Terry Tracy and Matt Wolfe for Republican Council At-Large; and Ori Feibush for the 2nd District Council seat.

Our advisory board voted for candidates largely on the basis of their responses to our questionnaire, as well as considerations like voting records (if applicable) and electoral viability.

We were thrilled with most of the responses we received from candidates, most of all the ones we endorsed, and were pleasantly surprised to see several candidates really exceed our expectations for what was politically possible this cycle. Among the endorsed candidates, there was relative consensus on the following commitments:

- A Vision Zero policy for pedestrian and bike safety

- Stepped up police enforcement and enhanced penalties for reckless and dangerous driving

- Prioritization of buses and transit over private cars on more streets, and stepped up enforcement of bus-only lanes

- 30-minute loading zones in high-density areas of the city to alleviate double-parking

- Continuing the multi-modal approach to street design started by the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities

- Exploring possibilities for off-hour deliveries to alleviate daytime traffic congestion

- Increasing the Streets Department's resurfacing budget

- Protected bike lanes for JFK and Market Street West

- Eliminating minimum parking requirements, at least in the densest transit-served areas

- Fixing land assessments to more closely reflect market values

- Pedestrianization of more street space currently used for parking and vehicles

- Non-elective regular street-sweeping service

- Revisiting the ultra-cheap $35 residential parking permit price

- And of course, ending the practice of allowing parking on City Hall's north apron once and for all

We'll spend this week pulling out the highlights from our endorsed slate's questionnaire responses, but for those inclined to dig through right now, here are all the questionnaires we've received back:


Jim Kenney
Nelson Diaz
Doug Oliver
Anthony Williams

City Council At-Large - Democrats

Blondell Reynolds-Brown
Sherrie Cohen
Helen Gym
Paul Steinke
Tom Wyatt
Isaiah Thomas
Allan Domb

City Council At-Large - Republicans

Terry Tracy
Matt Wolfe

City Council District 2

Ori Feibush
Kenyatta Johnson

City Council District 8

Cindy Bass