Press Release: SEPTA’s Reimagining Regional Rail Initiative is a Promising First Step in Creating an Integrated Transit System

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


5th Square applauds SEPTA leadership’s openness to reimagining the kind of service that regional rail can provide throughout our region.

Dan Trubman, 5th Square Transit Organizer says, “Regional Rail service today is too infrequent and expensive to serve the needs of many riders throughout the city and region. We strongly support any moves to make it more of a walk-up service like the bus or subway. People are seeing that SEPTA can quickly increase its capacity to serve working Philadelphians by opening its vast and underutilized Regional Rail network beyond the typical 9-5 white-collar commuter.”

“These changes present SEPTA with the opportunity to rebuild ridership on otherwise nearly-empty Regional Rail trains. These changes would also break down long-held barriers between transit and regional rail -- finally enabling riders to use SEPTA as an integrated network.”

Michael Noda, 5th Square Organizer says, “Our Regional Rail petition from last year has garnered nearly 1,500 signatures and found broad support for reforming service. This has also been a top transit priority for 5th Square for years.”

“While matching Regional Rail and transit fares will allow the system to operate more efficiently as passengers ride the mode that makes the most sense for them, Regional Rail ridership will remain depressed as long as frequency remains so anemic. SEPTA should take this opportunity to consider operational changes to allow for more frequent service with available resources.”

“We look forward to engaging those supporters and our members in the upcoming survey and public meetings about this important topic.”

5th Square is Philadelphia's urbanist political action committee. We're an all-volunteer grassroots organization advocating for safe and affordable transportation, abundant housing, and more and better public spaces.